The Dragon Has Come Home

The Game of Thrones TV series has sadly ended a couple of weeks ago. Not everyone was happy with how the whole season 8 was handled (or maybe even previous seasons as well?). I personally wasn’t satisfied with a lot of parts. I liked episode 2, it was the calm before the storm so to speak, but the rest? I wish the story and character development didn’t feel so rushed. …
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Attempting Balik Alindog Virtual Run

Ah yes, my first ever run.

Wait no, this wasn’t my first run. My first run was probably while I was young. I do remember joining the 1km run in BGC during the city’s infancy in 2001 when only The Fort Strip was the only memorable establishment there. I was only 15.

So this is my first run as an adult. There. Better.

Never in my life did I think …
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