All Blacks Haka

Haka during the 2004 All Blacks against Wales. Why am I seeing this video just now?

The Haka involves loud chanting, aggressive body movements and fierce facial expressions; it is seen as a challenge thrown down by the All Blacks to their opponents on the field.

Ka mate! Ka ora! Game tomorrow! Go All Blacks!

Rugby, eh?

So I found a new sport to watch. Rugby. Surprised? Me too. This is how I got introduced.

A few days ago, the guys, Jason, Joms, Kev, (oh, and Kimmy, who is not a guy)  were practically plastered to the screen when I first walked into Kevin’s pad. I did try to decipher what was happening.

“What’s this?”

“Rugby”, Kimmy chimed.

“Who’s playing?”

“Australia,” Jason said, probably aware how the …
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