I Havez Christmas Mouse?

I was helping my mom get out the Christmas decors last Sunday for the Christmas tree. It’s the only thing left to be set up for the holidays in our home in P’que. Although can someone help me with this question, because this is mind boggling for me…

WTF is a mouse doing hanging upside down on the ribbon of this Christmas tree decor?

Legit Gift Ideas: Give Syphilis on Christmas Day

what syphilis looks like under a microscope

Christmas is just around the corner. Still haven’t a clue on what to give your love one? I have a gift idea! Why not give Syphilis… Or how about Gonorrhea? Or Kissing Disease maybe?

I know what you’re thinking… ew. But before your eyes pop out of their sockets and you start cussing me for suggesting this, I’m talking about the 6-inch …
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