Washday Wednesday: 5-4-3-2-1

Slow deep breaths: *inhaaaale* *exhaaaaale* *inhaaaaale* *exhaaaaale*

5 Things I See

  1. I see the black metal hair pins I’ve just used this morning just inches away from my laptop
  2. There are 3 watches below my monitor. 2 gold watches, and 1 black porcelain one.
  3. I see an empty bowl beside me
  4. Hangers, I see a bunch of hangers
  5. I see a cream corset near me

4 Things I can Touch…
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Late Night Brain Fart #03132016


I miss your pizza, your steak and fries, but not your weather.

Ok, maybe a little of the weather, because my gosh, I’m melting here.

I can really do with the 16-18 degrees, though not really the negatives & single digit temps.

But the busy city life can be a little too much. I also miss the beach.

I should move out of Manila or something.

Note to Self: 7am thoughts

Never again accept early morning meetings after a night of beer.

Or never go out for beer if there’s an early morning meeting scheduled the next day.

Or never go on a night of beer set early morning meetings.

It’s too early to think.

Legit Gift Ideas: Give Syphilis on Christmas Day

what syphilis looks like under a microscope

Christmas is just around the corner. Still haven’t a clue on what to give your love one? I have a gift idea! Why not give Syphilis… Or how about Gonorrhea? Or Kissing Disease maybe?

I know what you’re thinking… ew. But before your eyes pop out of their sockets and you start cussing me for suggesting this, I’m talking about the 6-inch …
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