The Case of the Lost Sausage Roll

This is what sleep deprivation looks like.


I am tired. It’s 11am on the first day of the month, I’m still at home and I need to get back to the office to perform month-end (February) activities.

It feels like I haven’t slept the whole February. My statement is an exaggeration, but it is how “this” feels like.

“This” being awake most nights supporting this and that, having calls for this and …
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My punny family and I were preparing the ingredients for a taco salad…

Mom: Is it OK that your brothers got this cheese brand for grating? *shows me the cheese block*
Me: Oh OK… How does it taste?
Brother: Uh… it’s OK


You know what, it really does taste ok. 👌

Krispy Kreme: Hot. App. Now.

Krispy Kreme just launched its first mobile delivery application here in the Philippines, with the help of Mobext. The launch happened at the Bonifacio Global High Street branch with several bloggers.

Krispy Kreme BGC gave us a tour around their kitchen (and even let us make our own donut!), hosted exciting games, and provided us doughnut-tasting of their newest variety, the S’Mores and Salt Chocolate.


Salted Chocolate

Personally, I lo-o-o-ved …
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No Oil Cooking

This was the first time I went to Maya Kitchen, under the invite of Ryanof Kain Pinoy. The demo class covered no oil cooking using INOS cookware.

I was tempted to buy a set for myself but I have to check my budget first before trying to make an impulse purchase, anyhow, with its safe and health-friendly components, INOS surgical stainless steel cookware is perfect for cooking nutritious …
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Let’s Bring It Back! Chicken All You Can @ Max’s Restaurant

At first, I wasn’t sure what promo would be announced but Max’s Restaurant invited a few friends and myself to Greenbelt 1 last June 7th. After a warm welcome and a round of Pinoy Henyo games, the dance number from the staff finally unveiled what their latest promo was.

Sorry about the following very shaky shots X_x
It’s back though! Guys, it’s really back!

Sarap-to-the-bones fired chicken goes full-throttle this …
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The Aranaz Mercato Bag Launch

Last October 28, 2010, Ryan coerced invited me an event at the exclusive Members Only Bar in Bonifacio Global City. Being busy with Halloween decoration at the office, I was kind of hesitant but when Ryan said it was a bag launch, I was just compelled to tag along.

Rags2Riches, in partnership with Bounty Fresh Chicken, unleashes its latest addendum to its high-fashion bag collection – the Aranaz Mercato …
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Regla Bread?!

During a burst of boredom and snack circumstances..

joiz: Pare, kain tayo, pan de regla 😆 [Dude, let’s eat pan de regla]
sempai: Ano ung pan de regla? [What’s pan de regla?]
joiz: ung tinapay na may pulang matamis na chuva sa gitna [the bread with red sweet filing in the center]
sempai: ahhhh..
joiz: hehe ano bang tawag sa tinapay na to? […
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