Wrap Up for 2008

It’s the eve of new year and although I should be up and about cleaning and preparing for kitchen duty, I just had stop and give my blog some much needed and long overdue loving.

This year has painted with a very colorful palette in my life’s canvas. So much so that I do not want to recall every little detail of it. But to draw the year to a close, I share to you how I will remember 2008 by.

2008 was the year…

  • I spent the new year for the first time, away from family and away from the kid. Although it wasn’t a very lonely new year since I had my brother and good friends to spend it with, it still was lacking.
  • I got to bond with 4 amazing women from plurk (Karen, Shabby, Janine & Tess) and also met in person some more awesome people like Lemuel, Maru and Daryl. All thanks to that addictive Plurk. (also got to met ridiculous creatures but that’s for another story telling time)
  • I also personally met several of my ol’ favorite bloggers from TMB, (the likes of GinoFritzHelgaLaurenJayvee and Mike) and met new ones like BimAnne and Chris.
  • My family went through the most nerve-wrecking challenges ever with my uncle’s aneurysm, my mom’s vehicular accident, my cancer scare, and my grandparents’ minor-but-almost-fatal crises
  • Overcame my fear of needles and did the “unthinkable”
  • Got to spend the most of summer abroad (and I also got to travel here and there a whole damn lot)
  • I lost my stake on the condo to the wolves *cries* and is living back with my family in Parañaque
  • I was single the whole year round! OMG walang nagkamali, tsk
  • I’ve gone back to the corporate world (and is so far having a blast if I might add)

I’m sure I forgot several things but I guess for now those are the major highlights for me this year. For the most of it, I honestly think 2008 wasn’t my year. The year was mostly a big road bump after another.

Do I have regrets? Nah, I guess there’s a big reason behind all the shit I had to go through. One I have not yet discovered. And It is a personal accomplishment that I have survived all of it. I only hope that in the year to come, things will become more serene and savory. I am SOOO ready for 2009.

To wrap it all up, I leave you with some of the “fun”, memorable events of 2008 in photos. Au revoir 2008, happy new year everyone!

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