Why joiz.be Went Bye Bye

Some have been asking me where joiz.be went to and so here is the long story of how my domain made a magical disappearing act.

Joiz.be disappearance started at the night of December 28. Hosting problem? Unpaid dues? Hacked? Joiz’s mood swings?

No the problem wasn’t my hosting. My hosting has been very kind to me during the holidays, no big downtimes whatsoever. I wasn’t hacked either (who hacks personal blogs?). It’s the holidays and although I am tired from all the holiday fuzz, I was not having major mood swings that would make me delete everything I’ve made on my website. So what caused the hullabaloo? The domain name itself.

It was supposed to be renewed before December 27. The domain name has been sponsored just before the date (thankfully since I had PayPal problems) and I thought everything was cleared and clean about the renewal. It went down on December 28, I thought it was just a minor hosting downtime. So come December 29 morning, the website was still down, I got worried.

At first I thought my hosting was acting up on me; I was logging into my hosting account to get it reported all the while checking my email in case they reported a downtime. When I checked my email, I found a very shocking message from my host:

The domain joiz.be has expired. Please log into your account blah blah blah

So I check on my registrar and it says it’s active, checked on whois and bham! Joiz.be is under QUARANTINE. What is that? Searching, I learned it meant the domain was not reactivated. Of course I panicked, who wouldn’t? It was paid for, it was sponsored, how could it go wrong!

From this point forward, this entry will be about my experience with registerfly.com, the registrar where my domain, joiz.be was registered. I opened a support ticket regarding the domain under quarantine.

As the screenshot above would show, they gave me no explanations but instead just gave me an email to contact.

I emailed that address twice that same day (January 2) hoping to get a reply soon. No reply yet.

I opened another ticket regarding this issue last January 9. No reply yet.

I even sent a private message to a forum member in namepros who was supposedly a customer service representative of the registrar. No reply yet. 🙁

Grim also called them up, was left on hold for a bunch of hours finally got someone on the line but was also hanged up on during the middle of the conversation. It was annoying! And still no development! 

I read around online and saw a lot of complaints about registerfly. I know there are people who are very satisfied with their services but for me, it’s so disappointing that I had to register my domain there. I wish I could have transferred it to a different registrar while it was still early. -sigh- too late now… All I could do now is wait for a response from them and hope they fix it. Or buy the domain out after its release. -sigh-

I hope I could get it fixed, I don’t want to see that renewal payment go down the drain. I owe my friend too much already.

It’s very draining when you’re in a situation where you couldn’t do much but sit and wait.

Curse you registerfly. Curl up and die.

Update [15-Sept-2012]: Registerfly apparently imploded on itself the same year I lost my .be domain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RegisterFly

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    1. I wish! Registerfly just gave me a hard time and I was ultimately ignored even if they already took the renewal fee for the joiz.be domain. *sigh*

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