Washday Wednesday: 5-4-3-2-1

Slow deep breaths: *inhaaaale* *exhaaaaale* *inhaaaaale* *exhaaaaale*

5 Things I See

  1. I see the black metal hair pins I’ve just used this morning just inches away from my laptop
  2. There are 3 watches below my monitor. 2 gold watches, and 1 black porcelain one.
  3. I see an empty bowl beside me
  4. Hangers, I see a bunch of hangers
  5. I see a cream corset near me

4 Things I can Touch

  1. The rough-ish texture of my mouse pad
  2. The cold, slightly wet feel of the outside of my drinking glass
  3. Smooth feel of my neck pillow
  4. plump feeling of newly moisturized skin

3 Things I can Hear

  1. The electric fan running
  2. The soft beeps of my phone due to messages I’m receiving from most likely Diane and Kim
  3. The air-conditioning system of the next door neighbor

2 Things I can Smell

  1. powdery scent from newly washed clothes folded on top of my bed
  2. Banana, I smell a banana

1 Thing I can Taste

  1. Chicken soup that I just ate

This five-step exercise of acknowledging things around you that your 5 senses can interact with, can be very helpful during periods of anxiety or panic by helping to ground you in the present when your mind is bouncing around between various anxious thoughts. It’s one of many options you could use if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

I just reminded a friend to do this. I had to do this myself.

Reference: University of Rochester

You might ask why is it “Washday Wednesday”? It is because Wednesday literally is laundry day.

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