Who’s a Netflix Addict? *Points to Self*

I was hoping to write something over the weekend, but I got sucked into the blackhole that is Netflix (I did other stuff aside from Netflix, I swear! #defensive #multitask). While I did have a copy of 12 Monkeys since November last year, I only started to binge watch the TV series this Saturday. So far so good. I haven’t finished catching up, but I like what I’ve seen. I’ve finished a few Netflix-owned TV series too, A Series of Unfortunate Events was one of the latest, Santa Clarita Diet, and then some movies… But yeah, right now 12 Monkeys is my drug.

Oh hey, it was Valentine’s day yesterday. Happy hearts day, everyone! Valentine’s day is usually just another day for me, and yesterday was no exception. If ever I’d go out, it’ll be with friends or my Little Miss, and that’s usually because I have extra cash to spend (and probably because the friends who’d invite me out have no dates [why, did you think I’d be the one who’d ask people on a friendly outing on valentines? Gone are those days, son, gone are those sociable-Joiz days, lol]). I assume everyone I know is attached to a significant other and is part of the crowd and traffic.

Maybe I’m just a cynic who finds V-day impractical and expensive to celebrate.  Cause let’s face it, it is. I don’t have to preach to you, that you don’t need valentines to show your love for someone when you could/should express it everyday.

Out For A Date?
Happy Hearts Day

If you ask me, I appreciate gestures. I really do try to give something in return when I receive gifts. Getting trinkets is sure fun; handmade ones from my daughter is always heart-warming. Getting food is really awesome. Flowers are nice, but I don’t need flowers. Going to a fancy restaurant may be instagram-worthy but boy does that put a hole in your wallet where your money used to be.

Right now, I’d just rather stay home, cook or order out. There’s Netflix anyway (as long as monthly plan isn’t up for renewal yet, but then may be I’d have funding when that date arrives, 1st quarter of the year is the B when it comes to my finances).

Maybe my kind of romance is lame but I just want pizza, Netflix and butt rubs. That shit is as romantic as it gets.

Netflix was my Date on Valentines
12 Monkeys on Netflix, yeah!

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