I feel like a fool uncertain of what I should tell you, and what I should feel
Should I love you because you say you love me? Because you say you’re real?
But words are just words and only comes from the mind and mouth
How can I be certain if distance hinders us from finding out?

I have so many questions, about you, your life and all
Why do I have a feeling that I am starting to fall?
But a tired heart can’t be certain for it has been broken before
Can you love and accept my past, my present and more?

I want to know you better, I want to see your face,
I yearn to feel your touch, yearn to feel your embrace.
This is me. No pretence. Fragile. Afraid to hurt again
A single mother. A broken lover. Scared deeply by foolish men

Tell me if I made you smile because the thought of your smile brightens up my day
Tell me if I am the reason for your tears so I could take your pain away
Tell me if I said something wrong coz I can’t read your emotions
Tell me if you’re faking things coz I’m tired of pretensions

Say something, anything