Tribal Ink

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At par with my list of wants, exactly a month ago, I had my tattoo.

It’s been a month since I had my tattoo. Something that so far my parents will still kill me for. They really are against getting tattoos and me being the bah bah black sheep, I got one last month.

Meh. I really wanted to get a tattoo long long time ago but I never saw myself actually getting one in this lifetime as you might not be aware, I am a bit scared of needles and getting pricked. But I got one, and the craving to get another and another has to be stopped before I cover myself with ink.

my ink's outline my tattoo inked

I was actually fighting an urge to get something tribal, I wanted a kanji of my name. But I forgot to bring my design and ended up getting what I have now. And why of all designs I had to choose a heart? A reminder of how foolish my heart is? Amidst that, my heart is strong and can conquer my weaknesses? But really? Cause I like it. It doesn’t have to be too deep.

I can overcome the fear of needles, and the fear of getting reprimanded because I really want to have a tattoo. Very much like how I love I guess, loving like I’ve never been hurt before, knowing I’d hurt again. Very much like how I live I guess, fighting for what I want, for what I believe in, for what and who I love… *sigh* all the drama gushing out of my nose!

So there! I am a fighter ready to go to tribal wars! Oorah! :woohoo: :sweat:

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  1. Nice tattoo there ^^,

    A tattoo on that spot makes a woman a little sexier. Besides, having it is an expression of freedom. You should be glad you finally had it.


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