To .be or Not To .be

My apologies for the Shakesperean.

I have been contemplating whether to continue using my .be or not. Apparently, as of press time, my is still the most popular joiz according to Google, not that I keep track or anything but for some weird reason I get clicks from that search so I notice it (must be my relatives and friends). I’m also the fifth most popular angel’s lair in google (talk about luck).

It seems is still the domain most noticed by the search engines and it seems most people still remember than I have still to get use to typing .org on the address bar whenever I visit my own site. But I’ve asked a few friends to change my domain address to the .org and if I move back to .be, I would probably have to ask them to change it back and I’d be just annoying won’t I? See my dilemma here? So what do you think? Should I continue on with .org, put the 301 redirect on .be and don’t look back, or do I move back my blog to .be… Ooooh I’d feel bad for the .org though, it was like a christmas present.

Anyways, it’s just a contemplation. Don’t think I’m blogging for the search engines. Puh-leeez I am not blogging for anyone or anything but for myself.

I want to go swimming! It’s summer time and I’ve been dying to have a nice hot getaway this summer since last summer I couldn’t fulfill my wants due to giving birth. I have been able to go swimming for the last year but summer getaways are an entirely different thing from plain swimming. Don’t argue with my facts. he he he

This summer, I’ve been invited to Puerto Galera, Boracay and Cagayan de Oro by 3 different parties, my cousin, my barkada and my mom, respectively. I’m also organizing a get together in Bulacan for a local forum, there’s also another forum getaway I want to join in but I’m shy, I’m just a newbie in there. I’ve only got one thing to say. SANA MATULOY KAHIT ISA! I hope at least one of these plans become a reality. I don’t want my expectations blown up and just burst in my face.

So I am hell bent to try on my fins again, and would do anything to be part of any swimming getaway. Who’s joining me?

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