The Simpsons… Do’h!

Other people may still be busy with their Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows book, others might still have a hangover with the Harry Potter 5 movie, or even the Transformer movie (I am bitter, you hear that J, bitter! Madaya ka talaga). I, on the other hand, am excited with the upcoming Simpson movie. The trailer was just too funny especially the part about spidey pig! (oh gosh, look for that trailer if you haven’t seen it, it’s just too funny and I’m just too shallow when I watched it) And I am giddy about watching it in the cinemas if I get a chance. Let’s enumerate some of the things I’ve had interest on relating to the Simpsons.

Simpsons Statuettes

I’ve liked the Simpsons cartoons since I was in elementary and we used to save up to buy Simpsons statuettes. These are original toy figures from the mall (toy stores) that would probably be collectibles if we didn’t play with them and actually lose them in the process. I do remember playing with toy figurines of Homer and Bart and maggi (I have got to look for that Maggi toy) and his skateboard a long time ago. Bart’s skateboard rolled into a canal and Mark (my kababata who owns the toy figures) really got pissed at himself for not being able to do anything about it 🙁

Sideshow Mel Simpsons Family

I did have a toy figurine of Sideshow Mel which was a gift during 4th year high school from a teacher. No actually it wasn’t a gift, Sir Abe, my computer teacher owned it and during class, I kept hiding it and I keep asking him to give it to me while he forces me to fork it over. During our last class, he finally caved in. hehehe 😈 thanks Sir Abe! It now stands near my cpu.

Speaking of figurines, I think I want to complete the couch collection for fun. Anyone know where I can find them?

The Simpson’s House

Did you guys know that a detailed replica of the Simpsons’ house was constructed in Las Vegas during the end of the 1990’s. I found about this while I was browsing for house designs during my last year in high school, I was a frustrated interior design (I think I still am). Let me look for the link to it, I hope it’s still alive though. Here’s a link to the story and the pictures: “Simpsons” move to Henderson, Nevada This house also gave me ideas on how to decorate my dream house miniature for Hum2 in college (story about that in the future).

Simpsons Movie Website

You have got to check out the website in promotion of the movie: Simpson Movie. I love the website, fun games and I’m actually using their white background-one-major-character-doing-their-stuff wallpaper for my cellphone (mine’s Bart snacking the donut that stands as an “o” in “movie”, size of image edited of course).

Just for fun, I tried out to create my own Simpsons avatar from their website. Now if I was a character from their cartoon, I’d look like this? Nah

simpsons-movie-website.jpg My Simpson Avatar

Homer Pisses Pagans off

In Dorset, England, there is a 55 feet giant (a naked, club weilding, and very aroused giant) outlined with chalk on the hilltop known as the Cerne Abbas Giant, Cerne Giant or plainly the Rude man. He is considered a symbol of spirituality and fertility (they do dances there to promote fertility, somewhat like the women of Obando).

So what is the relation of this giant with the Simpsons? Sometime last week, a giant 180ft naked Homer Simpson brandishing a doughnut was painted (water-based) next to the virile Rude man as a publicity stunt to promote The Simpsons Movie released later this week. Pagans are of course pissed, wanting it to rain for some time now.

Pagans have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away a cartoon character painted next to their famous fertility symbol – the Cerne Abbas giant.

Source: Wish for rain to wash away Homer

Heck the news cracked me up for real but I know, some people really took offense. But hey may be Homer just wanted to play toss the donut with the giant’s uh.. um… club? 😅


That’s all for now about my homage to the Simpson. Hope you all had fun!

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