The One With The Riches

I found myself rushing towards Greenbelt 3 on the night of October 28 for one thing and one thing only: to see the Riches. What’s the Riches, you ask? Are you aware of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA)? Well then, representing (or rather one of the teams to represent) the Philippines on the 4th Season of the show are Richard Hardin & Richard Herrera, otherwise called The Riches.

Awww… One of the Riches wasn’t looking

Anyhow, there I was, along with a whole lot of other bloggers, eating dinner and eager to watch the screening of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 on AXN using a large LED television display at the National Sports Grill. Azrael called this the first ever Amazing Race Asia bloggers viewing party.

A rerun of the episode 5 pit stop was the opening highlight. Where else could that pit stop be but in our very own Legaspi City – gateway to the Bicol Region’s 8 Wonders of Eco-Tourism, also one of our country’s leading tourist destination and known for the world-famous Mayon Volcano and all the adventure spots surrounding it.

After a long flight from its Philippines pit start at Misibis Bay, episode 6 continued the challenges in the freezing mountains of New Zealand, and ended with Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin declared Team no. 1 by TARA host Allan Wu.

Giving away stuff for those who can answer their questions

After the telecast, prizes from AXN and the Amazing Race Asia were raffled by The Riches and fellow racer Lani Pillinger. They also gave out their thank you’s to their friends who were there. After which, everyone was given chances to take photos with the 3 celebrities. Including me. Heee~

Shut up, I am allowed to be a fan girl every once in a while.

+ + +

The blogger’s event was initiated by International Publicist Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia who also co-produced the Legazpi episode under Executive Producer Michael Mckay. The event was likewise supported by AXN Asia with funding support from Mayor Noel Rosal of Legazpi City, business tycoon Elizaldy Co and Atty. Ronald Ang of Sunwest Group of Companies.

+ + +

Amazing Race Asia Season 4 airs every Thursdays 9PM on AXN.

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