Starting 2007 With Fireworks

Alas 2007 is here, and what better way to celebrate the new year but with a lot of fireworks!

As people close to me would know many things have changed since this year came, one of those changes is my domain name! I’ll explain that later…

So what fireworks have I got in store for you today? Let’s see…

Fireworks #1: Good bye

I’m now a .org! I’m an organization now! -grins sheepishly- heh but seriously, what happened? You can read the long story later but to cut the long story short, the domain was registered in a lame registrar. “Lame” is an understatement by the way.

All thanks to my hunky and dear friend and dungeon master, Grim, for everything!! And I mean everything!! I swear I owe you a lot! I have a question though, where do I get myself a handful of yummy men like you? You are the sweetest!

I have to work on the template for this. And have to work on the site a lot! I’m actually and overly excited!

So my friends, I’m on now! Remember: ORG not BE. Get used to it people! Because I’m still not LOL

Fireworks #2: Old Posts No More

I was so pissed that my domain name was going bonkers that I whipped my database clean, cancelled my previous hosting and said goodbye to my old posts. I know it was a stupid move, I have back up everything though! hehehe but I’ve been thinking, I don’t want to upload every bit of posts I have… skimming through them, there are some I don’t want to see anymore! I guess I’d be rereading my entries and posts those blogs that have been 1) most talked about, 2) most commented to and 3) those I find most memorable.

I will probably be biased so I am open to requests, if you can of course remember my posts. hehe

Fireworks #3: Where did all the Love Go?

I have no official boyfriend.

My baby’s dad and I have issues. Well, I have issues about him and everything else… He walked out on us on Christmas eve and it’s only right that I have my feelings walk out on him as well and I have no idea if we can pick the pieces up again. We are stuck apart and as long as things don’t change… things won’t change!

What about that guy who follows me around? *shudders* please I am still hiding from that freak of nature. Next question please?

What about the guy who made you that lovely video? *blushes* Flattered and faltered as I am, I don’t know where we are exactly… :-\ There are feelings but without an outright admission, I won’t know where we really are… Constant text messaging and one passion-filled afternoon spent together don’t necessarily mean love is in the air… You’ll have to ask him.

Ok enough asking, I don’t have a love life, new year was colorful (think fireworks 😉 ) but no official love one. (i.e. no one officially “loves” me)

Fireworks #4: Mom works while Baby goes on Vacation

I really hate parting with my daughter but my mother will be borrowing her for a week on a vacation to Mindanao. I can’t come with them because 1) my mom asked me to take care of my brothers who will also be left behind because of school (we baby them so much, I don’t know if they could fend of for themselves), 2) I have work and projects that I could not risk delaying, 3) my mom won’t be treating me from the expenses and she knows I’m very frugal when it comes to vacation expenditures.

Gah! I will go on a vacation of my own even if I will just be stuck here in Luzon. Now without a baby to look after, I can still have a weekend getaway now can I? 😈 Ah who am I kidding…

Fireworks #5: new year, new site, new me?

So everything seems new, should I also change myself? Nah, but I do have goals put up for myself. Do you want me to enumerate them? Uh… maybe next time just know that I have no plans of getting pregnant again this year, nor getting married. So mikmak, there’s your answer, no hubby yet. But I do plan to get back to college, get my diploma, travel abroad and my number one goal: getting my figure back! -laughs- Wish me luck!

Well that’s a lot of fireworks now isn’t it? I think it’s time to settle down and wait for more news. I expect this year to be a whole of more exciting and intriguing than the year before.

4 Replies to “Starting 2007 With Fireworks”

  1. Dah..!!! what do we expect this year… another bunch of loveless years.. Lolz.. or maybe we should wait for your post of “Tantan taran… tan tan taran… tan tan taran tan tan tan tan taran.. hahaha… anyways.. goodluck… take time to visit me ha…

  2. thanks grim! should have mentioned on my post to ask friends to change my links to .org … will do that later notes to self

    Colleen! Love you as well!

    Sempai! My wedding’s entourage is complete expect for one thing: the GROOM! lol no posts about marriage just yet. Will visit you yeah soon! 😉

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