Somebody Shoot Me Now!!!

😆 I just felt like saying that….
Yeah, I’m a bit stressed with work… Blogging about it helps a bit. So what’s the drama? Let me count it out for you…

  1. The manual I’m writing is due today. Although it’ll still be just the draft, it needs as much information as I could stuff into it. The work was divided but the divided work is still tedious to work on…
  2. The letter proposal assigned for me to write needs additional crap…
  3. The articles I have to review is getting piled up… Oh the horror, I’m sinking into a lot of paper work!
  4. The client is complaining about this and that and then retracts… what a headache!
  5. and then the client suddenly decided to ask for this and that… When will he realize that the site’s rankings won’t stabilize until he stops asking us to change everything! grrrrr…. If ever he comes here to the office, I’m going to bite his ears off or gouge his eyes out, he just doesn’t get it although we’ve discussed that a hundred times already.
  6. I need to sign a few mumbo jumbo regarding my credit card account…
  7. There’s the reports I need to make for the team.

Hmmm, I’m forgetting something… Oh yeah, I’m going to have to move my autograph signing tomorrow. My apologies.

4 Replies to “Somebody Shoot Me Now!!!”

  1. I forgive you, I guess I can wait for your autograph until tomorrow…


    I’ll be bugging you like crazy RQ..this is the last place I have that I posted on left.. 😯 :mrgreen:

  2. bug away hrbl, it’s fine with me :mrgreen: good to see you lurking around here.

    I wish I could have a vacation sometime soon, zap… I’m one of the most wanted person in the office. 😆 joke

    I had a day off so I’m feeling quite refreshed and ready for this week’s work.

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