Single. Ah yes, that word some people love to hate, and some others hate to love… Do you wanna be single? Are you single? Are you happy?

Some of my friends don’t seem to like being single at all. Some despise the idea of being single especially around February and remain entangled in relationships that never seem to help them grow as an individual and in fact continues to drag them down in the long run. Some jump from one relationship to the other (ouch?), bringing along baggages that affect the present, never giving themselves enough time to heal.

Personally? I don’t wanna be single for long. It’ll be hypocritical to say otherwise. I want to be held close in someone’s arms and feel loved, as in really loved, and to love in return. I want to take care of someone, be his one and only, and claim him as mine and mine alone. It sounds like I am in love with falling in love right? Whatever. But alas I have no one but myself. It’s been months since I’ve been held even if it seems like it was shrouded with superficial feelings. And it’s been years since I felt really loved.

But now I am content with my single life. I love myself enough not to be suicidal unlike what others perceive someone with a self-diagnosed personality disorder would be like. Being single makes me grow as an individual, it teaches me to be more independent, that I do not have to rely on someone just to be happy – just to be complete.

I know mr. right/soul mate/partner in crime/whatever will come knocking on my door one day. And when that day comes, if he is sincere, and if he truly cares and love me, I will handle him with care. But for now, I am single and I am here to parteeeh! 😆 :mrgreen:

[and you thought I’d end it with a serious note]

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  1. it has been weeks since i was whispering to my self how boring the way I live my life is…
    last night i thought deeper about it and, well, what constantly dominated my mind was my status of having nobody to express my feelings to. -sigh-
    i hope il get through this feeling..
    i seem can’t wait but i must. and i must be happy thinking that’s she’s just around.

    beautiful photo btw.

  2. Wow, your new pic looks so beautiful! So when you coming back home, ie; to WTF? 😀

    We miss you there.

    Single is better than being hurt… at least for awhile. 😛

  3. LOL Leon, I haven’t celebrated v-day for years! I didn’t celebrate it while I had a boyfriend, I don’t think it would bother me now.

    Colleen, I’m coming back soon.

    Michael, depression will only alleviate if you allow it to. No other person can do it but you, having someone to support you just makes the process easier. ^_^

    Quincy, it’s tough but life doesn’t throw challenges your way that you can’t handle. Kaya mo yan 🙂

    Thanks everyone for the compliments re: photo!

  4. I was checking all the pingbacks/trackbacks to my blog that I haven’t been checking in my 49 day blog absence. Gawd, it was way longer than I’d planned…

    Anyway, once pingback led me to something that got me all introspective today… regarding “being single”. This blogger quoted me as saying, “But I’ve realized life is more than being with someone. I don’t need anyone to be happy. I’m blessed, and that’s what matters.” (he got this quote from somewhere else… I didn’t say it to him, but apparently somewhere else).

    I don’t even remember where or when I said that… and I’m wondering right now about that comment. I guess it still holds true. I think, if you’re happy with yourself, and you do meet someone you’re supposed to be with… all that happiness transfers to that relationship. OK, I’m being corny. I just thing, you gotta be happy being you… with our without someone.

  5. Nice post ^_^
    So your still still single and very much available huh?
    So can I apply?

    Apply to be one of your affiliate hehehe!
    Bago pa alng ang blog ko check mo na alng if you want.

    Sa UPLB ka pa rin ba till now? taga dito alng kasi ako sa San Antonio,
    Malapit lang sa Crossing. anyway pumunta ka ba nung february fair? saya sana hehe daming banda.

    Siguro Pihikan ka alng pagdating sa Guy, sa ganda mong yan i think di ka naman mawawalan ng suitors at nagmamahal anyway napadaan alng po peace out! ^_^

  6. WAW nice nice layout! 😛

    sabi nila, it’s nice to be single since… you’re on your own.

    but then, it’s a never-ending argument between the singles and the couples. 😛 lol

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