Rumble Tumble Tummy

It started halfway going home.

I felt carsick and I couldn’t figure out why the usual quick fixes won’t work. I was starting to calculate if I should tell the cabby to pull over as soon as possible so I could throw up, or if I can wait until the end of the trip.

I managed to get home without throwing up but I knew it was getting worse. I went straight to the bathroom and poised myself in front of the sink to vomit. But I can’t! So now I could not understand what my body wants to do! My chest was tightening. Felt like I was having heartburn too. Should I panic? What do you want, body?

Do I need to fart? To poop? Is it my stomach, my intestines, my heart, my lungs? What is it, Lassie, did little Timmy fall in a well?

I tried to calm down, went to the living room, and sat there, trying to figure out what I needed to do. I messaged my friends, who were with me earlier, that I was already home. I also reported that I felt unwell.

Then I bent down to curl my body into a ball, quietly asking my body what I need. As soon as I did that, I let out a loud, longish burp.

My innards went calm.


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