Regla Bread?!

During a burst of boredom and snack circumstances..

joiz: Pare, kain tayo, pan de regla 😆 [Dude, let’s eat pan de regla]
sempai: Ano ung pan de regla? [What’s pan de regla?]
joiz: ung tinapay na may pulang matamis na chuva sa gitna [the bread with red sweet filing in the center]
sempai: ahhhh..
joiz: hehe ano bang tawag sa tinapay na to? [what is this bread really called?]
sempai: ewan ko eh, ireresearch ko [I don’t know, I’ll research it]
joiz: aaaah sya sya pan de regla na lang talaga sya sa akin [very well, for the meantime I’ll call it pan de regla]
sempai: sige sa akin rin, no choice di natin alam pareho e [me too, no choice, we both don’t know what it’s called]
joiz: pare imagine at the bakery: “ate pabili ng pan de regla” [man, imagine at the bakery: “miss can I buy some menstruation bread”]

I found out much later, after researching that this bread is called ‘Kabukiran’ in Pangasinan. In some places in Manila, it’s called ‘Lipstick’, obviously because of the red filing. Sometimes, also known as kalihim, a secretary or confider, I have no idea which really maybe both. In Cebu it’s called ‘Burikat’, meaning a GRO, a prostitute, a girl for hire. And unmistakably everywhere else it’s also known as ‘Pan de Regla’ because the center is red and the bread looks like a sanitary napkin. Enough said.

image from some place in the blogosphere, I forgot to get the url. If someone knows, tell me so I could give credit.

8 Replies to “Regla Bread?!”

    1. 😆 I think I just gave this bread a bad rap. But I swear I love this bread, it tastes pretty good, nothing spectacular in taste but tastes good nonetheless. It’s the name (and its variations around the country) that is very very uhm.. err… interesting.

    1. Yeah aside from ube (violet filling), there’s mongo (brown filling), langka (yellow filling), pandan (green filling) too! But it’s very very common to see the pink or red pan de regla. :mrgreen: yummy!

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