Programmer’s Block

I cannot code.

Somebody should remind me that I am a web developer. Sometimes my brain forgets. I need to work on a script and I’ve been start it, finished the code, tested it, didn’t get the output I wanted and although I should be debugging it (which might be just a simple typo or misplaced variable), my mind is elsewhere.

I have been staring at a semi-blank php page in dreamweaver for the last 30 minutes that I decided to have a break (oh great, I need a break from doing nothing) and blog for a while. I know what I’m suppose to do and I have actually done this before… My only weirdness is that I can’t make myself continue typing out the codes and test it again. My mind is willing but the flesh won’t cooperate. Joiz snap out of it already!


Thank you to those who greeted me on the forums and through sms and through IM and email and to those who called and even to a few who visited me personally. I didn’t receive pictures of pets or half naked men greeting me on skin like I did a few years back. 😆 My friends provided me with such funny memories to blackmail them with…

This year, my friends keep asking me what I did on my birthday. Two words can sum up my activities on that “special” day: sleep and work. I started the day with work and ended it with the same work, busied myself with stuff here at home and somewhere in between, I took the liberty of getting that much needed sleep. I haven’t celebrated my birthday in years and if I ever celebrate it, I’d want it to be a beach/hawaiian/pool party themed just because I miss the ocean. Anyone care to drag me along on their swimming vacation? Pleeeeeeeease?


According to kuya Apollo, Noypi will be put back up anytime soon so for those who kept asking me about it for the last 2 months (wow, it’s been two months?), stay tuned.

The coffee I had just now had a bunch of herbs in it that it no longer tasted like coffee but rather a very bitter tea. I almost gagged while gulping it all down. Now my tummy’s growling from the sudden gush of hot coffee herbal drink that claims itself as coffee.

Ok, now that I have warmed my tummy up! Let’s get back to wrestling that code again…

3 Replies to “Programmer’s Block”

  1. Don’t worry, PHP is a very complicated, but nice PL. Pero kelangan mo lang talaga jan book, dami mong makukuha dun kesa magbrowse ka sa net pero wala ka rin makukuha gaano.

  2. PHP is not really complicated , it was design for robust , well-scaled application layer and is a loosely type language, anyone can learn it not unlike managed PL like C/C++ and stuff. .. keep string hottie 😉

  3. LOL FINCH ang tagal na nito ah! PHP is more flexible than C/C++ so yeah, it’s not really complicated especially if you have already been exposed to before php.

    parusa619, I have to disagree with you since there’s a lot of resources online for PHP. You can even get advice from experts in forums. I did mention I was only having a programmer’s block, right? Do I have to explain that I actually know how to write PHP? :mrgreen:

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