Plug Me! Getting a Glimpse of Plugins

Uncover WordPress PluginsEver found some feature on someone else’s blog that took your interest? But since you’re too shy to ask the owner, you just whisper to yourself, “I wish I had that on my blog”?

Or maybe that plugin or hack you’ve been wanting to use is available for you but you just don’t know how to integrate it into your template? Or can’t seem to make it work on your blog? (we’ll tackle that next)

Are you like me, the type that wants more stuffing on your blog so that it looks busy and loads slower than it should? bwahaha well then let’s do the plugin strip! Let’s review some of the WordPress plugins available on the Internet that no one bothered asking me to scrutinize but I still bother wasting time with. Please don’t think of me as a WordPress guru, I just enjoy tinkering with plugins is all.

And why do I do this? Because I can be geeky! Hooray! :woohoo:

Let’s start with 8 plugins that does not require you to touch anything on your template/admin pages/whatever… These are those that are “plug and play” types. For the record, I’ve tried these plugins in some of the past versions of WP and have tried them using the latest version of WP (version 2.2.1).

  1. Plugin #1: Enforce www. Preference
    make your www a www

    Just so you know (in case you still don’t know):
    The following URLs are considered different entities by the search engines:

    What the plugin does: Redirects all the first 3 URLs on above example to the last one. It can be configured to redirect to the first one but that will require tinkering with the plugin. For SEOs this is quite helpful, and then also for those who just want everyone to use the www version of their site without having to touch no .htaccess (and you might go, wtf?).

    Live in action: here on my blog!

  2. Plugin #2: Search Everything
    search all the nooks and crannies

    Just so you know (in case you still don’t know):The search function on WordPress only searches the posts.

    What the plugin does: As the title of the plugin says, it allows you to search pages of your blog and even comments placed on your posts/pages (configurable). Great for those blogs used as article sites or for sites that use WordPress as CMS.

    Live in action: here on my blog! Try searching for “nyam nyam” it should show two results (one is a blog post, the other a photo page)

  3. Plugin #3: Lighbox
    Beautify your linked images

    Beach in Bantayan, Cebu, PhilippinesWhat the plugin does: If you’re using a thumbnail image on your post and it is linked to the larger version, this plugin allows you to beautify the presentation of the enlarged images when clicked and without having to direct your reader to the image itself (ok that didn’t sound right, basta yun na yun :mrgreen: ). You can also group a bunch of images together so it could also work as a nifty gallery.

    Live in action: here too, click on linked image of the the beach…

  4. Plugin #4: Comment Quicktags Reloaded
    add a little eklavuh to your chorva 😆

    Just so you know (in case you still don’t know): This plugin was originally from a different website, but the original tends to break the template, gives a fatal error or deactivates itself when using higher versions of WordPress. Technically, there were only a few changes on this plugin but it now works like a charm on my blog so maybe it will work well for you too.

    What the plugin does: Adds a small quicktag bar to the comment box that lets you click buttons to mark text as bold or italics or make a paragraph blockquoted or make links, etc.

    Live in action: here too, obviously 😉

  5. Plugin #5: Ajax Comments

    What the plugin does: Comments are left on blog entries without having to refresh the page.

    Live in action: here too, obviously 😉

  6. Plugin #6: Do Follow
    reward your readers who comment

    What the plugin does: Removes the nofollow rel attibute on your blog’s commentators. This is quite a favorite for those who are knowledgeable in SEO.

    Live in action: here too, obviously 😉

    OR to prod your viewers to be more active in responding you could use the next plugin

  7. Plugin #7: Link Love
    I’ll love you after 10

    What the plugin does: Removes the nofollow rel attibute on the respondents AFTER a number of comments (default is 10).

    Live in action: I’ve seen some blogs use this but I don’t have a list of those blogs, I did try using this but I removed it since I want my respondents to feel the love (that doesn’t mean I would welcome spammers). I’m not going to force anyone to reply to my posts, just leave comments on your own will or your feet will rot with fungi 😯 😈

  8. Plugin #8: Post Teaser
    taunt me, tease me

    What the plugin does: Generates a preview or “teaser” of a post for the main, archive and category pages (even if you are using the_content, it ignores it), and supplies a link underneath the teaser to go to the full post page. It includes features to generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time. This is good for those who wants their posts to have an almost equal length on the main page without actually having to use the <–more–> tag. It still respects that tag though and this plugin can be configured to display whatever you’d want after the teaser.

    Live in action: I’m actually using it here but I’ve configured it to not display the number of words and images per post.

Time out! There you go 8 plugins under scrutiny (if you’re asking why 8, I’ll ask you back: why not? 😛 ). I’ll continue inspecting other plugins if this post strikes your interest.

Why not give further review of these fancy schmancies? Or better yet, suggest a plugin for me to take a bite on? :yes:

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    1. uhhh ch13f nalilito ka ata? bwakeke sa kabilang bahay kina fionixe ahihi

      pero tenchu it’s the tot that counts.. you know the tot tot sound :sweat: ano daw? ^_^

  1. I’ve seen the Twitter Tools plugin implemented in Mike Villar’s blog, and I find it very nifty, as well as the Pownce plugin. But my blog is on a free server that doesn’t allow users to install plugins they fancy. *le sigh*

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