Paypal for Pinoys

Finally, Paypal approves of signups from the Philippines!!!! check this out! Asteg diba? I just found out a few minutes ago with the help narin of Major Kontrapelo … the only sad part is we only get to send money… We can’t receive yet. Darating din yan!

At least now, signups are available we can use it alternatively to pay for domains, hosting, for outsourcing services (if you’re into that *shurgs*) and for whatever online payments. We’ve managed without paypal before but hey, what’s wrong with a bit of improvement?

We just have to wait until it’s allowed to receive money and withdraw them from our bank accounts. Now I am off to the auctions to find myself a nice bling bling. LOL

This is what we’ve been waiting for! Paypal! Sign up na!

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