The Irrational Things We Do On Facebook To Make Others Feel Bad (And Eventually “Like” Us)

— An adaptation of Bethany Rose’s prose — I went through a phase of doing things on Facebook so that my ex could see that I was having fun. Living life for an imagined reaction of someone who used to make me feel like the sun is the most messed up thing I’ve ever done. However, I …

Note to Self: 7am thoughts

Never again accept early morning meetings after a night of beer. Or never go out for beer if there’s an early morning meeting scheduled the next day. Or never go on a night of beer set early morning meetings. It’s too early to think.

Reset Button

Whether you’ve been an RSS reader for a while now, or I have coerced you recently to checking my website, or if you just happen to come across this entry at some point in the future through searching and stalking, hello! Oh dear… I’ve done this countless of times for when I tried to resuscitate my blog …


My punny family and I were preparing the ingredients for a taco salad… Mom: Is it OK that your brothers got this cheese brand for grating? *shows me the cheese block*Me: Oh OK… How does it taste?Brother: Uh… it’s OK 😆😆😆 You know what, it really does taste ok. 👌