One At A Time

So I have been following this author who wrote things for you, and over a week ago, he shared why he stopped or had to stop writing on his blog, and the things he wrote resonated with me. Especially this part:

There’s no book you can write, no amount of twitter followers, no award you can win that will ultimately make you happy. You will only be happy when you start to focus on the simple daily experiences that make you happy. And that might mean letting go, of other things.

And I guess that that was exactly what happened to me pulling away from public blog posting. And keeping things in a hidden journal, or in a form of conversation with friends. I needed to get away from public blogging. But that I knew I will return in some way or form. I just had to get away from this and get closer to being myself. Enjoy things as they come, and not have to feel so “obligated” to write that it would no longer be joyful but more of a chore..

I have decided to share my “private” blog posts again. One by one, IF and only if appropriate to be shared. I’ll see you guys soon. xo

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