Ole! Entre!

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ok enough Ole-ing, it only reminds me of Nigel Gruff and The Replacements and that is not my point here!

Ok first off, I’d like to apologize for not being able to bloghop and visit the sites of people who have been visiting me, I have been preoccupied with… well… hell and healing.

Second, I will be kind of busy on the next few days but I’ll be publishing one or two posts per day just to empty out all the damned drafts I have on my dashboard. One of which is this. I have 15 drafts for chrissake! This was suppose to be published some 2 weeks ago but I was all uninspired and my brain was out of town that I wasn’t able to finish it, just as much as I left everything unfinished.

And finally, Entre! See that featured Entre thingie on my sidebar on the right, right over there? Yeah that cute thing that says drop yours. It’s not asking you to drop your pants or anything, it’s like when you’re in business. You meet someone new, you hand then a business card to “grease the gears of businesses”. Yeah that’s pretty much the same as Entrecard. It revolutionized Internet networking and advertising.

Oh yeah, it works a whole lot for me. I’m getting visits even if this is a personal website and even if I haven’t written anything lately. And the thing I like about entrecard is that I get to see the sites of my visitors and know a thing or two about them too! I actually have a whole line of favorite entrecards but I’ll leave that for a different post next time.

Anyhow, this was actually a meme tag from Scarty and you all know me, I’m tamad when it comes to tagging so, if you’re using entre or will be using entrecard because of this post, then consider yourself tagged! hehehe

****Game/meme for Entrecard Filipino and Non Filipino users****

  • Tell us why you’re using Entrecard
  • Tag 3-5 bloggers you know who are using Entrecard
  • Return the favor by dropping your card on theirs
  • Copy this game/meme on your entry and by the end of your entry, simply add your blog/s that are using Entrecard/s. This is a networking game, so please don’t be stingy with your links.
  • Linking back to this entry as the game/meme source: “ENTRECARD works for me!” is appreciated.
  • Lastly, simply add your blogs after mine.

***End of game***

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Sorry uber delayed post na ito, scart! Hehe

6 Replies to “Ole! Entre!”

  1. Hey, just dropping by… re-acquainting myself with people in my blogroll. I’ve been away for far too long in my hiding hole.

    Entrecard! I totally love it. I have numbers to prove that it kept my blog ALIVE, despite the fact that I was away for 49 days. It gives me a lot of hits… and I think it contributed to my 755+ number of subscribers. Yup, I’m definitely an Entrecard fan. Great social networking component to it that BlogRush didn’t have. BlogRush sucked.

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