New Year Things

Ah another year has gone, and finally I have a post. A long over-due one. I noticed my blog is rotting and infested with flies but what the hey, I was too preoccupied with my loneliness and wallowing, and when I’m in a good mood, I was busy taking advantage of the alone-time and catching up on the tv-series and movies (in DVD) I haven’t watched. And of course my laziness kicks in that I couldn’t bring myself to write something.

Anyhow, I am back and let’s see… I didn’t want to enumerate the best points of this blog for the year 2007, nor do I want to make a summary of posts for the whole year. I thought I’d thank the online people who made 2007 special and memorable but the list is uber long and I’d most likely forget several people. It’ll be like in the Academy night and I’m saying my message after receiving the award, only I don’t know what I’ve won and I’m probably holding a Barrel Man instead of an Oscar. But I still want to say thank you to all of you guys, who constantly visit my blog to see what madness and mayhem I’ve been up to. Thank you for those who have crossed my path last year and has made a mark in my life. Whether it was a hickey or a whip slash, I don’t care! I am grateful for newly found friends and if I ever gained enemies last year, sana kunin na kayo para wala na akong kaaway, nyahaha… Seriously, thank you to each and everyone for making 2007 colorful.

What else is there to say anyway? Ack this is what happens when you fall asleep while writing a blog post. :confused:

The year was a mix of tragedy and happiness, like everything else in this world. And questions from last year still exist and remain unanswered while new questions have started sprouting already. But I’m not writing this to expel emotional bull crap, I’m here to post pictures of my new year’s eve with my friends. I must say, I looove the photos. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t look stupid in them again. Meh.

My neighbor/childhood friends
Having Fun
At the minibar

There’s some more on my flickr, my laziness is starting to kick in again. By the way, these were taken by Tyrone Orbase who indulged us on our cam whorage. Check out his cooler stuff on his Flickr, his collections are three thumbs up, and I promise, I’m not in any of them.

8 Replies to “New Year Things”

  1. you look pretty sa lahat ng pictures but i’m expecting for your little one 🙂

    happy new year joiz sana nga maging mabait si 2008 sa atin lahat…

  2. happy new year too!

    scart, I wasn’t able to celebrate new year’s with my daughter, nasa province namin with my mom and my youngest brother. So I am pretty much home alone since December 26. 😀

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