New WP Theme: Paper Flowers

I haven’t introduced my theme officially yet. I want to for the record.

I call it paper flowers. Greatly influenced/inspired by Audrey Kawasaki‘s wooden artworks. The illustration is entirely hers, I just personalized it a bit. I have yet to finish the whole theme since I’m still playing with it, I just felt like putting it up already since the default wordpress theme was agitating my obsessive compulsion already. No offense intended, I just want a personalized theme pronto 😳

I’m almost done preparing the photos I’m going to add soon I just have to fix the gallery script, when I tried it offline it was buggy and I’m guessing it’ll still be buggy when I try it online. Sometime this week, most of the photos will all be out. Hmmm what else? Do I have to put in my photos? Something to use to scare the rats and pests away, eh?

I’ve added most of my old posts from my old blog in and I’m done modifying the images attached to the posts. If there are still missing images, please report them to me.

Regarding the links I used to have, I’m still segregating them as to whether I’d be adding them all in or just choose some.

Yay! I already have subscibers registered (what were you thinking? :twisted:), Jeff being the first one to register. I didn’t know you guys are sooo curious to find out if I had private stuff hidden. 😯

Last week has been a bit more stressful than I anticipated but my daughter is back home finally and I have been able to talk to my inspiration today so I’ve eased up and has mainly been just working and surfing and lurking everywhere.

I’d be back for more updates. Stay tuned. 😉

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