Rugby, eh?

So I found a new sport to watch. Rugby. Surprised? Me too. This is how I got introduced.

A few days ago, the guys, Jason, Joms, Kev, (oh, and Kimmy, who is not a guy)  were practically plastered to the screen when I first walked into Kevin’s pad. I did try to decipher what was happening.

“What’s this?”

“Rugby”, Kimmy chimed.

“Who’s playing?”

“Australia,” Jason said, probably aware how the word can spark interest in me. Kevin added, “And Wales.”


I plopped down in between Kimmy & Kev.

As you all already know I’m really not into contact sports, I’d rather just watch.

I dare watch these games because I get to spend time with my guy friends who are seldom in the country. I’ve always enjoyed watching basketball and football so what’s the difference anyway? (and because I’m afraid that the scary guy, that is kuya Jason, would tackle me if I even attempt to change channels).

The game was intense. Too intense that Kimmy & I decided to annoy the guys by our constant questioning during 1st half.

“What’s a try?” “OMG what happened to Chris Czekaj?” “How to pronounce his name again?” “Are we watching a test?” “What’s a test again?” “What the hell is that called?” “What’s a scrum?” “You guys hungry?” “Let’s order some pizza, what do you think?” “What the shit are you wearing? You smell like pork” “What’s the score now?” “yellow card! They have penalty cards here too! Yellow card my ass!” “I’m hungry”

But seriously, ladies, don’t try this at home. If you are not into sports, whether or not you’re seated beside your man while he watches, do not talk too much about things that aren’t related to the sport while the game is on. They’d appreciate that you’re trying to understand the things they like but the questioning can get annoying.

I”m sure our deliberate tag team was over the top and exasperating (bwahahahaha!) I think we got too hyper coz of the sweets (candies) lying around.

Anyhow, during second half, Kim & I were already cheering (more like) screaming to the screen, “Diiiiiigby! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” as he went for a try.

Joms wasn’t too happy about the screaming. For one, he was rooting for WRU and his girlfriend was fawning over the awesomeness that is Digby Ioane from the Australia team (“who is that yummy guy in yellow!?” “Wallabies are wearing gold, Kk, I thought you were rooting for the dragons?” “I know but who is the yummy guy?” “Whut?”).

To Joms’ disappointment, Australia crushed Wales. I can’t go over the details because I just started watching and don’t understand the workings of rugby.

It was a good thing I was cheering the right team at the correct moment, unlike some other people *hint wink wink*. I also don’t know if I can watch this sport live without gripping onto something or someone. I’m not really that squeamish, I just worry too much. That look on Chris Czekaj’s face was just painful to watch, I wanted to rush to his side and tend to his injured knee (concerned, much?).

Oh and after Kev found out that it was the first time I actually appreciated Rugby, he tackled me. I have a bruise on my hip now.

I don’t know if I want to keep watching rugby now. 😐

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  1. We’ll make a Rugby fan out of you yet. You need to watch Rugby more often with us.

    Ow. bruise? Really? Kevin’s an idiot.

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