Life Lately

Before you read further, if you have a website or a blog with a link to my blog before. Can you please change it to the new URL? Thanks! Ok back to your regular blogging…

Organizing my schedule and ordering my tasks comes natural to me when I know I’d be swamped with activities but today, I am distracted for some reasons. And I cannot pin point what the heck is distracting me. But just before I work on my daily tasks, I wanted to blog about what the heck I’ve been doing since my old blog died on me. Maybe that can unload some memory space in my brain. This will be long so take a deep breath, buckle your seat beat and bear with the aimless talk…

The advantage of being a free lancer is that you have full control of your time, you could go shopping, party till dawn, meet with friends, spend time with family, etcetera. The downside of it? It gets lonely and boring at times. I don’t have workmates to chat with while I work, most of my friends are employees so I rarely go out either since there’s noone to hang out with. I have my daughter to play with but I can’t talk to her about Google and PHP or fashion and showbiz now can I?

Last December was kind of fun. A lot of people were on vacation! I had several get togethers to go to. My friend from high school invited me for a dinner reunion during the first week of the month. Last December 23, I went to a small Christmas party with friends over at 10th street. We had a family luncheon during Christmas. We held a baby shower for two pregnant friends over at Nicole’s house the day after Christmas. I went to a drinking night out with friends sometime between Christmas and New Year. Looking for photos? I’m working on it I swear! :mrgreen:

conjoined bananas

Have you seen a twin banana before? I haven’t until Last December. I was so fascinated I even took a picture of it before I ate one of the pair. :mrgreen: Seeing this unique fruit in my own kitchen reminded me an old wives tale that if you were pregnant and you ate a twin banana, you’d get twins. There was no denying that we had a lot of food during the holidays. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, pastries, fruits, veggies, ice cream, chocolates, kakanin! Too many to mention! Visitors were always to be expected, we cook them food, they brought food with them. Egad, anyone who had a diet plan would get frustrated with all the temptations! I wasn’t on a diet and I probably never will hahaha. But uhm maybe I should. LOL

My daughter enjoyed her first new year. She wasn’t like other kids that would cry when they hear fireworks. She gets startled if the firework was very near but all in all she wasn’t a scardy cat at all. She woke up around midnight and we just watched the fireworks light up the night. The only bad side about her waking up in the middle of the night was she stayed up till 3:30 AM so she was a very cranky baby all throughout New year’s day.

I met someone very interesting just after new year. Nothing to talk about in public really, that wouldn’t raise a few eyebrows so let’s keep it to this.

Last weekend, we had a birthday celebration for my grandfather and for the parents of my aunt. It was fun, it was the first time my daughter went swimming.

The first two weeks of this year was wrapped in controversies and issues. It was hectic for my brain and I think I short circuited. So let’s not talk about them anymore.

The gym is all mine

Fast forward to present, I just got home from the gym. I know, I know, some of you would say, “OMG you went where? You did what?” yeah, I know when was the last time I wanted to work out? And actually worked out? It’s my second time this year to go to the gym, yesterday was the first and there might be a third visit and a fourth and so on… After the long break from minding my fitness, I’ve decided to give it a shot. Since I don’t have playmates if I go into badminton or tennis again, I might aswell just work out. I need to work out badly because sitting in front of the computer for n hours a day has taken its toll on my body and my health. By the way, I had the gym to myself today. It was soooo creepy and fun at the same time.

And now, I am sitting in front of the computer once again. I have a client report to submit, I can do that later. I have not yet worked on this blog’s design. I don’t know what it’s suppose to look like… I have one theme in mind and I really want to do it, but it would require me to hunt for a good photographer. I didn’t want to take the picture myself but we’ll see (I really can’t afford hiring a photographer).

Fast forward to my plans for the rest of the month, my baby’s vacation happens on January 27. Before that, my cousin will be coming home from Australia. She’s inviting me to go to Boracay. I really want to go but I’m iffy because of the expenses. I was planning to go to the north around the last week of January, but it looks like I won’t be able to. I don’t have anyone to go with and it’ll be lonely doing things on your own, even if it is suppose to be fun.

I’ve been feeling lonely lately -nods-. I need a gimmick or two to get this out of my nerves. And my internet is getting buggy again so I should get back to work.

Hmmm… That was a long post… and I think I ran out of brain fuel. I’d get back to you for another day. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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  1. hmmmm…..your sad?! bakit hindi halata? pero i notice that your thinking a lot of things..halata sa aura mo….bakla..if ever you need some one…dyan lang ako sa rainbow! hehehehehhe!!

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