Legit Gift Ideas: Give Syphilis on Christmas Day

what syphilis looks like under a microscope

Christmas is just around the corner. Still haven’t a clue on what to give your love one? I have a gift idea! Why not give Syphilis… Or how about Gonorrhea? Or Kissing Disease maybe?

I know what you’re thinking… ew. But before your eyes pop out of their sockets and you start cussing me for suggesting this, I’m talking about the 6-inch stuffed toy that GIANTmicrobes are selling! This is probably the only variety of Syphilis or Gonorrhea or whatever microbe that anyone would welcome getting as a gift.

Meet the pox a.k.a. syphilis

Aint that cute? 😆 Among the microbes-look-alike dolls are the virals like the Common Cold, Sore Throat, Cough; then there are the maladies like Bad Breath and Kissing Disease; there’s the calamities like Ebola, Mad Cow and Black Death; Syphilis is an example of a venereal; there’s malaria, beer & bread (yeast), algae and all sorts of other type of microbes.

These critters are made plush and fluffy, stand 5-to-7 inch high and is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe. They were first intended to be used as learning tools for parents and educators, but turned out to be really amusing gifts for anyone with a sense of humor.

So if you’re not yet sure what to give this Christmas, then how about the cuddly gonorrhea or syphilis microbe toy. It’s a whole lot better than actually acquiring the real one. 😖

10 Replies to “Legit Gift Ideas: Give Syphilis on Christmas Day”

  1. haha! ngyon ko lang nalaman na may ganyan palang stuffed toy na binebenta..haha! ayoko ng syphillis..pero mukhang magandang pang display sa opisina yan ah..hehe!

  2. They ARE cute aren’t they? Someone give me the ulcer thingie please? hehehe I’d get syphilis if it weren’t that shade of pink. hehe but it’s still cute!

    Kulugo, jake? Warts? Wala ba? They have pimple though? And athlete’s foot? 😆

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