(Taking Advantage of) The Last Sunny Days Of Summer 2011: Picnic in Diliman

Summer has only begun for our friends in the West, but here in the Philippines it has long gone. Rainy days are here, and a lot of us has sadly experienced floods from the last heavy rainfall. 🙁

Suffice to say, summer has officially ended for us here. But I am grateful to have spent the last sunny day with good friends just before it (quite literally) started continuously raining. KatDrewRyan & yours truly decided that if it didn’t rain during the weekend of June 5, we will have a picnic lunch at the sunken garden of UP Diliman.

Hello Beautiful Day!

The Sun doth loveth me, the rain clouds stayed away long enough that we were able to push through that Sunday. The Sun loved me so much, it made sure I got a whole lot of sunlight on that day. No matter where I go, it would part the trees’ shades, move clouds, whatever to make sure it would be smiling down on me like a big ol’ spotlight.

Anyway, we decided to have a potluck: Drew took care of the beverages, I made some Chicken & Bacon wraps, Kat brought a variety of sinfully-good Ilocos Empanada, and Ryan made yummy chocolate brownies.


And we spent the better part of the afternoon just chattering, taking photos of toys, and lounging around under a tree. My friends also awesomely signed my awesome slumbook (lol, so gradeschool).

After Picnic Activities

Late afternoon, the park area was starting to fill with joggers, football players and kids, and we had pretty good seats for a football game between what we’ve dubbed as “Team Kimchi” and “Team Shawarma”. After so much procession, we finally made our way back to Quezon hall, and said our adieu to Oble.

Haruhi Took on UPD

It was actually good that no one decided to bring a laptop or a netbook. For a few hours, it personally felt nice to (sort of) get back in touch with nature, to relax and enjoy the company of friends and good food without the worry of work, or the use of technology.

Here are some more of the photos I’ve taken from our awesome picnic:

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