(Taking Advantage of) The Last Sunny Days Of Summer 2011: “Bonggang Outing”

My childhood friends and I didn’t go far to have a dip in the pool. It’s literally just several meters away from home and costs no more than 200 pesos (that’s what 3 USD? Maybe even less?) that we called it the most flamboyant and most extravagant excursion ever, or “bongga” in Filipino street slang. Of course, we’re being sarcastic, but we’re not complaining because we get to swim. That’s all that matters.

We went to the pool house really early in the morning. Since food from the cafeteria inside was expensive and wasn’t appetizing, we had pizza delivered and ate it outside, and also had a sisig platter to share with everyone.

A lot of underwater photos were taken and a lot of fun was had. The group decided to leave a little late in the afternoon and we ended the day with a game of Clue.

Gratuitous photo gallery ahead (no captions coz kinda lazy, sorry)

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