I’ve never been one to bring a journal along wherever I go. But I thought since I didn’t update my blog all too often this year, it was time I put my life in a journal. My thoughts have been a mess and I need a repository of ideas while I was on the go.

The first few months of 2010 were quite eventful but since my brain is percolating a bunch (and when I say a bunch, I do mean: a colossal truckload) of thoughts and I didn’t know when, where and how to start taking action, so I never got things started. I hoped I would update my blog during the first quarter of the year but the design proved to be a de-motivator for me. I hoped my planner would do wonders to my writing itch, but the quality of the paper made me less & less interested to write on that planner.

So I got myself a nicer journal from a coffee shop, and a better pen to write with. And while I don’t have the words and inspiration to write new things, I’m going to transcribe the ones I’ve already written on my journal. Consider this a warm up.

Now if I could only understand my own writing.

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