Jour Stupide

Ok, for starters, that title is not a typo, nor am I using LOLcat at the same time pointing to someone as stupid. It’s French for stupid day. I’m having a very bad day and everything is… well… stupid.

Priorites, priorites, priorites…

I’ve had it with priorities. (For context, I just turned 21 a couple of months ago and I am 7 months pregnant) Since day 1, I’ve been nagged over and over that I can’t have the things I used to have; I can’t spend my money on myself anymore, I have responsibilities and those responsibilities should come first. I had to give up my night life, give up partying, give up my youth entirely. And what do I get in return? Right now, absolutely nothing. No one has the same priorities that I have. No one has the same responsibilities I got. No one understands what I feel. I can only depend on myself and it sucks big time. This will all feel like an exaggeration in the future, but this is currently how I feel.

Les menteurs vont a l’enfer

Liars go to hell. How many times do I have to say things over and over? I hate it when promises are broken. I’ve had it up to here from forgiving and forgiving repeated sins. Pregnant or not, I don’t want to be treated as a fool, I’ve had enough already!

Cela atait une plaisanterie stupide”

Someone in the office decided it was fun to play a trick on the pregnant woman. Sent me a url that was actually very dubious and viola! Instant scare. My stomach hurts and it’s not from laughing. Merde, I have an inkling to skin someone alive. “Just a joke” … yeah, right. No further comments.

Je deteste les aiguilles

Did I tell anyone I hate needles? Ok, I hate needles. I hate everything medical that has to puncture through skin from syringes, dextrose, scalpel, anything in their likeness.

I had to take a shot yesterday, it doesn’t hurt much at least it’s not suppose to… but today, my arm became sore. I think my muscles are allergic to needles and tensed when I had the shot. Now my arm is painful and weak. Lame, lame, lame.

Je deteste ce jour!!! Mon jour ne peut pas devenir pire!!!

Ah well, enough ranting… today is le merde parfait!

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