Attempting Balik Alindog Virtual Run

Ah yes, my first ever run.

Wait no, this wasn’t my first run. My first run was probably while I was young. I do remember joining the 1km run in BGC during the city’s infancy in 2001 when only The Fort Strip was the only memorable establishment there. I was only 15.

So this is my first run as an adult. There. Better.

Never in my life did I think I’d run at my age or in the future, unless I was in danger.

I joined this virtual run and boy did I run. I saw the Pinoy Fitness Balik Alindog virtual run event on Facebook. I think one of my friends marked the event as “Interested” and that notified me that a friend was interested in an event near me, I checked it out read about it on the event page, looked at the website, did a few more reading, said friend never did join the race but ANYWAY that’s how I got wind of virtual races. I had a lot of time in my hands, I was doing all this while I was in line of the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly National Statistics Office).

I wasn’t looking for something I’d have to pay for, and this race was free to join. You don’t get a medal entitlement or a shirt, you only get a virtual badge, but whatevs. I just really needed something worth committing to sans paying anything yet so I can have a goal while walking. Walking being the only exercise I can do at the time. My competitiveness will pop out at some point.

You might ask, who am I competing with? Myself of course! I can’t do it? HA! I’ll show myself! *shakes fist in the air*

Noche Buena, Media Noche, or practically the whole holiday break, it’s been all about food. Time to shed all the extra weight this new year! Pledge to run a 10K, 25K or 50K (cumulative) between January 15 to 31 to help jump start your fitness.

The cumulative virtual run actually started last January 15 and will end by the end of the month. I joined in January 21! I joined without thinking that I only had so many days left and guess the distance I registered in? 50km!

I only had 11 days to run 50 kilometers. ELEVEN days to finish FIFTY kilometers. Without any past experience with running. Can I really do this? Really?


After 14 runs (there were days I’d run twice a day just to really catch up), I managed 51km. Achievement unlocked! I hope I can join more runs in the future.

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Do I have any tips for beginners like me? I can’t think of any, aside from “challenge your limits” but also “listen to your body too.” Maybe I’ll think of something else eventually.

I just want to pass out now. 😀

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