I’m Letting You Go

I find myself staring into nothingness wishing you were here
Looking for answers to questions in my mind, answers that I fear
Like where are you now? What you doing? And who’s holding you?
Is there someone new? Does she love you the way I do?

And then in spite, I turn my head and wipe the tears away
For I don’t know why you do this, why can’t I make you stay?
I’m lost, confused, and I don’t know what I should do
I gave you my heart and I think you just left it somewhere too

Could it be that I’m foolish and stupid? Could it be that I’m blind?
If you let me look inside your heart, would it be me I would find?
Oh these silly questions, I know I shouldn’t ask anymore, I know it’s not right
For I should have known the answers when you didn’t show up that night

You didn’t know how painful that was for me & I guess you don’t care
And I know I shouldn’t hope anymore, fate just has not been so fair
I admit I want to kiss you one last time, just to show you how I feel
But I guess now, I don’t have that right, it’s a reality I should deal

Let me smile for you, although it hurts because I still love you.
Good bye… Take care always, my love. I wish you happiness too.

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