I’m a ____ Blogger?

Just before getting back to work, curiosity got the best of me and I find myself answering a meme when I don’t have to. This came from the Blog Action Day website. Yeah they have quizzes in there now. I keep going back because I absolutely love the background color, reminds me of chocolates.

The scores are as follows:

Greed: -3
You’re not in this for the money, for you blogging is all about the passion! Sure you might make a little pocket change now and again, but you know that it’s the content, the audience and the people that are what makes blogging great!

Experience: 6
You’ve been blogging since Nick Denton was in diapers. When it comes to blogging experience, you are the authority on blogging. Heck you probably even have a blog where you give advice about blogging!

Sociability: 3
You love web 2.0 stuff like Digg and Delicious and you’re involved in more blogging groups, networks and activities than anyone else you know. With all your connections, you make Neil Patel look positively anti-social!

Looking back on my answers, kinda weird how I ended up with these results… Purist eh? But I neeeeed moolah. Expert? with what? (Don’t anwer that question). Socialite?! That’s gotta be the most shocking thing I’ve ever read in a while.

Anyhow, that’s that. What kind of blogger are you?

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