Idle Thoughts at Work #06182013

Don’t know if this should be considered “thoughts” while at work but I did start writing this while I was at the office so that counts?

It’s pretty much a rundown of “fun” events while I was in Bonifacio Global City tonight.

  1. I was supposed to head home early, but I waited for Kate for almost an hour, cause I thought we’d walk together
  2. Kate didn’t know I was waiting for her, and she already decided to take the bus to Market! Market! (I feel so usedAbused! loljk)
  3. I still wanted to walk even when it was raining reeeeeeeeheheeeeally hard (I cannot remember what was running through my mind, earlier. I guess I wanted to people watch)
  4. Derek strolled in the pouring rain without an umbrella, while munching an apple. (This was specially amusing to witness)
  5. I wish I had my rainboots on so I could stomp on the puddles I encountered
  6. I went grocery shopping in Market! Market!, went in line for the bus going to Ayala, gave up on that queue even if I was only less than a minute there, and headed to High Street to hunt for WiFi
  7. At CBTL, I saw Martin (an ex’s best friend) and it felt so awkward. He still recognizes me even with the short hair, said it looked great on me, yadda yadda. Lover has an issue with him and my ex, so I don’t know if it’s alright to publish this. :-\
  8. Also saw 2 cute guys who would have ordered but went out after staying in line for a couple of minutes. (Sorry, Kat and Shabby, didn’t get photos 🙁 )
  9. I am ever so grateful to friends who are willing to let me crash at their place for a bit until I can get home without much difficulties.
  10. I’m also grateful for digital hugs when there is understandably nothing else that can be done
  11. Went back to the office to drop off a few things (because I changed my mind about the stuff I had with me. I DON’T want to carry home too much!)
  12. I found Rico still hard at work at the office. Whew, workaholic!
  13. Traffic was bad according to news & updates from friends. Northbound traffic was terrible. Thank goodness, I’m going the opposite direction, and I had enough cash on me for cab fare.
  14. Part of the “last man out” group again. I have to be at work early, so I don’t know why I still didn’t leave the office until 11:30 PM (uh… because I had WiFi access?)

No pics tonight. It was raining men cats and dogs and I didn’t want to take out my phone while I was out.

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