Idle Thoughts At Work #02162006

Ever experienced seeing white spots everywhere? Then they become shiny swiggles and then they start moving around? Heh I’m seeing them now…

I found that when you stare at them for too long you’re head becomes too heavy.. and now I feel like I’m under the influence of some illegal drug. I want to strangle someone.

LOL!!! I’ve been trying to email someone for the 5th time and the message keeps bouncing back. I just realized I forgot to put a .com after gmail so it just looks like user@gmail … PATHETIC!

Baby’s been behaving quite nicely today but I’m still feeling some unexplained pain for a few minutes every other time… I’ll be posting the ultrasound picture next week when I do get it.

I’ve been using my swivel chair to move around the office today… stupid chair’s wheel got stuck on some wiring though and now the wheels became sticky. Oh loook, the swiggle worms are actually waving at me now…

Errr… This day is becoming a bit sucky and weird for my taste… I think I need to lie down a bit.

10 Replies to “Idle Thoughts At Work #02162006”

  1. I know the spots but I usually don’t get a chance to follow them before they disappear. Hopefully it’s nothing.

    hehe about the gmail, I think you need some rest, rQ. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the pic, and baby pics!

    Going to have to create my own baby, can you tell me how?

    1. errr… how? I don’t even remember how. heheheonly one advice, get a really good “baby maker” who knows his way inside out… @_@ LMAO

      — ok blogger needs really good emoticons realll bad —

      1. “baby maker” “his way inside out” this sounds perverted… does this in anyway involve cock??Me sooo dumb… LMAO!

    1. hrbl, I’d only consider having your baby, you’re the only one who truly cares about me and I mean to the core.. even when I am snappy you’re perfect to me.

      1. No I’m not C…:(

        I’m an ass, and I’m sorry..:(

        RQ please make C feel better…All I do is make her feel bad..:( ‘there is candy in it for you’..:P

        Keep us updated on when you have your little one 😉

          1. He’s silly, rQ. He is an amazing man and refuses to listen to me.

            hrbl, don’t be crazy, you make me feel amazing!!!

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