Idle Thoughts at Work #01312006

I’m sleepy. The deal is I slept way too late last night (is 1am really late? bwahahaha) and i woke way too early (like 9am is way too early? bwaahaha). So all in all, i just slept for a good 8 hours not counted the time I woke up around 4am because it was getting irritatingly hot. Ok so maybe 8 hours is enough for you guys, but not to a pregnant lady.

I’m really tired, it’s a good thing i did not have to endure any troublesome episode today with people at home or with anyone on the way to work or anyone at work so on and so forth…

I have been yawning for more than 10 times within just this hour. Argh… My brain is so dead… I’m too lazy to drink water (i’m not allowed to have coffee), too lazy to munch on something to keep me awake, too lazy even to sleep. (Duh! I’m at work! I can’t sleep!)

This feels so hopeless.


Tagalog Aside:
“Haaay… Boys Talaga!”
If u smile at ’em, they think pa cute ka
If u don’t naman, sasabihan kang suplada
if u respond to his love agad, they think yer easy to get
If it took u years to decide, sobra kang pa hard to get
If u go out with him alone, sasabihan kang liberated
Kapag may chaperon along, bad trip k’se madidisturb
If u go out with another guy, tingin sasyo playgirl
Pag stick ka sa kanya, they’ll proclaim yer dead na dead
If u ask him where he’s been, sasabihan kang overprotective
‘Pag pinabayaan mo naman, they think yer fooling lang
If u let him kiss yah, he thinks yer cheap
If u refuse naman, he’ll go find another chick…
Girls are just humans and make mistakes din, And
we often wonder, ba’t ANG LABO N’YO MEN?!

6 Replies to “Idle Thoughts at Work #01312006”

    1. thanks for the compliment on my site. 😀 takes me forever to come up with decent ideas like this one.

      yep, i get maternity leave for two whole months but i only get that leave when i’m about to go on labor. 🙁

      1. You did a great job skinning it, can’t even tell it’s a blogger! I was surprised what was hiding underneath the gorgeous layout.

        😮 My sister got like a year off for maternity leave. Only 2 months with baby, that sucks 🙁 You’ll miss him/her so much.

        If I have a child I will give it all the love I never got as a child.

        Hey come post at!

        1. Yah, i know i would probably have to quit my day job to spend quality time with my baby.

          Should i add a tagboard here too so that we could do chitchats? thinks

          Anyways, will sign up tomorrow! I promise! Hehehe,have to go home soon…

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