I Suck

I know, I know… I was gone for a year! Take away the podcasts from last year and I would’ve been gone for more than two years! Ugh. I haven’t posted anything for so long, I can smell the molds in my dashboard. Considering I’m almost always online, I know some of you would wonder why I wasn’t keen about updating my blog. Who do I blame?

I blame all the game apps on Facebook. Mafia Wars, Sorority Life, Pet Society, Farmville, Restaurant City, Ponzi, Tycoon, Mousehunt, … all of them! They all ate up my free time.

There was also a time when I was addicted to Plurk. And all my updates went there instead of getting them posted here. The character limit on Plurk entries made me lazier to blog. I figured, why bother when nobody cares anymore (uuyy drama). And besides, most of the bloggers I follow were already on Plurk so I can always just catch up on whatever it is they blog about through there.

Those 3 screens are hyukta’s, mine and lambanog’s (in that order). We’re in the same room, and still plurking with each other. -_-“

Seriously, who am I kidding, right? Several of my friends, online and offline, have already told me to keep my blog alive and post something already. I do listen to them, but the gears in my head just won’t budge yet.

maybe I could blame this out of order sign that keeps following me around

Enough of that! I’m starting the end of this hiatus by posting this entry. And I have a few posts in line for the next few days — stuff about work, activities and events with friends and family, weird things that happened during my me-time, and more stuff that my 3-year-old kid does which make every day a little more colorful than usual.

So yay, joiz.org is alive!

Oh god, I really have to clean up this blog, it’s turning dark moldy brown–Oh wait. Right, this is the color of my blog. >_<

9 Replies to “I Suck”

  1. OMG, that picture of us three plurking brings back memories. 😀

    I should bomb all the Fezbuk games. That way you can focus on blogging. LOL Glad to see a post from you, babe.

  2. You’re still in my feed reader. Yay, new item in my reader. Congrats on defeating the Slacker Monster. I should slay mine, too. It resides in my blog… Pesky bastard, it eats up all my thoughts and words.

    Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. I was kinda lazy to blog din over the past 2 years and like you, I’m trying to go back to the blogosphere. lol but still, updating the statusphere (plurk, twitter, fb) is much much easier than blogging. 🙄

  4. @Shabby: those were the days! 😆 don’t bomb the apps! They are my <3 lulz

    @dementia: :mrgreen:

    @fruityoaty: the slacker monster sat on me (not just my blog) for a year, it was a tough battle too, I know you’d be able to blog soon. Surprise us! Happy new year! hehe

    @Rozeh, ikr! But sometimes 140 characters just ain’t enough!

  5. Welcome back Joiz. and I am glad you still remember my blog hehehe. You’re playing all those FB games? whoah! Thats a lot. It deserves to be blamed lolz. Thats also the reason why I blocked some of the FB games cos I’m too careful not to be hooked with them. I’m mostly active in farmville, RC, fishville, CW and I sometimes play mafia wars, vampire wars, petso and the rest, I totally neglected and blocked them. Hope to hear more from you soon ^_^x

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