I Havez Christmas Mouse?

I was helping my mom get out the Christmas decors last Sunday for the Christmas tree. It’s the only thing left to be set up for the holidays in our home in P’que. Although can someone help me with this question, because this is mind boggling for me…

WTF is a mouse doing hanging upside down on the ribbon of this Christmas tree decor?

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  1. Hey Joiz, you have posed an interesting question there.
    My interepretation of the mouse is that it is the mouse refered to in the poem called “Night Before Christmas.”

    The first line of the poem is
    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…


    Although I have no idea why it’s upside-down.

  2. jhehehee merry xmas.. ngayon lang ako napadaan sa website na to.. at hayop ang ganda! ^___^ i loooOOove ur header! weeeeeeeeeeee! see yah when i see yah..

    p.s.: pwede makipag link exchange? hehe

  3. cute decor. i especially love decking out the house for the holidays. it’s the only time of the year you can really feel that whole energy in the first place :). it’s good to see a fellow filipino bloggers every now and then. glad that i found yours dear. give me a visit as well when you get a chance.


  4. HAhaha I love everyone’s ideas. Merry Christmas everyone. And Thet! Congrats on the wedding, ang ganda nung summary video to the tune of Canon in Electric Guitar! Niceeee

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