Joiz Meets World. Hello world!

I am Joiz and this is the very, very, very first post of this blog. Hi! How are ya?

I registered this domain so that I could write more, and have a place where I can store all my photos and illustrations, and share them with friends & family and the occasional strangers who just happen to pass by. This site’s predecessors served pretty much the same, the only difference was that said predecessors were hosted in free but now defunct sites. I’ll eventually put up my online portfolio here too. I just have not gotten around to it.

This post, if ever anyone decides to go back this far into my archives, will now serve as my site’s “change log”. At any time I post about updating my theme, the way this site will function, if I ever migrate away from wordpress or if I turned into a cat, I will update this article (or I hope I would).

January 13, 2007: has been moved to I no longer own and any of its content from here on out.

(Inserted: May 2019: I didn’t keep track of the theme changes before so I’ll do that moving forward)

September 6, 2011: “Down for a bit of Maintenance.” I am currently experimenting with a few things on, if you find something odd reflecting in the RSS, I hope you could forgive my carelessness and I hope you could just ignore it. No, blackmail will not work on me. I will announce when my blog will be back. Ktnxbai!=3

September 7 2011: The images for most of the blogs are still using the wrong URL so I still have to get to that. But blog’s back for the most parts. I still have one archive to include here which means 30+ posts are still missing. URGH.

April 15, 2012: 40+ posts are still stuck in blog post purgatory (included the posts from September 2011 to March 2012).

January 2, 2016: I deleted a lot of the meaningless posts. I only retained 200+ posts. I password-protected those entries that are milestones in my life.  Read about it here.

May 15, 2019: A lot of the old posts have been pruned out again. It’s time for a website make over. It was hard not to remove everything. To quote E.V. Rogina, “I am still learning how to go back & reread my own chapters without feeling like I want to set all of my pages on fire.”

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  1. Hi, this was a sample comment. WordPress welcomes this new blog!

    Joiz decided not to delete this comment so that she can test what comments look like next time she strips down the blog again. She also doesn’t know why she’s talking in 3rd person.

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