Halloween’s gone and done. Too bad. I enjoyed the vampire flics on tv.

This was the first year after three or four years that I have gone to a halloween costume party. No I didn’t go as a vampire, I did that the last time. I went after the gothic lady look since I was informed of the party on that same day and had no time to plan out a costume.

I would have wanted to go as a female samurai (wahahahah O-Ren Ishii wannabe!). I am very fascinated with the Japanese culture specifically the Samurai (greatly influenced by the anime Rorouni Kenshin). Oooo I just remembered. I was looking around ebay a few days ago and found these babies. The first two photos are wakizashi’s the last photo is composed of a 42-inch katana, 33-inch wakizashi and a tanto (or a dagger). I’m still thinking Kill Bill.

I really want original katanas that were made really for fighting and not just for display. I know they are not toys but…. we wants it…. Prreciousss!!


This year’s halloween was quite fun. Inebriating on most parts. As for All Saints’ day and All Souls’ day, I didn’t go anywhere worth mentioning, I stayed home with my daughter. Uhm… Ok I have to write something important and will return later to work on this blog post *soweee*


I thought I could come back soon but I unexpectedly had a very busy day. After going to the bank, I went directly to the post office to get my postal ID afterwhich I headed to Meralco (Coastal) to pay the bill, went to SM Sucat to buy Smart e-Load and Globe Autoload and to do the grocery. We only got home past 8 pm and I was sore all over which is why I couldn’t go online afterwards.

I’m going to be very busy this month: I have tons of paperworks for school, my visa, my issues with my former employer, my projects, my baby’s records and all that. I actually like November. This is my month. Oh shoot, I’m also going to be officially a year older soon.

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  1. I’m back. after a week-long vacation in the province for UNDAS. I tried to post a comment in this entry saying i had supplied invalid email add (i think i indicated less the .ph in my email address). newei…

    hindi ako umatend sa halloween party dun sa amin kahit na iniimbita na ako ng kuya ko.

  2. ei walastik samurai fan ka rin pla!!!oh btw a good friend of mine from japan told me that a authentic samurai sword is worth $50k hehehhe…. :mrgreen: but you can buy some cheap samurai in japan $1k it is good enough to slash your enemy wahehehhe…may be buy some samurai in taal batangas for only 1 pesos pwede na hahahaha… :mrgreen: may samurai din ako from taal batangas pwede n basta lagi mo hasaain and depnde sa gnmit n bakal… gusto magaral ng kendo may alam ka?? best regards! 😉

  3. wahehehe oo mahal ang totoong samurai 🙁

    sa Batangas? balisong? o meron talaga samurai?

    Kendo. Sarap nun, gusto ko rin matuto if I have the time. There’s a Manila Kendo club, sa RFM gym (Boni) sila nagppractice every Saturday 5-7pm. meron din sa Quiapo, arjuken nga lang saka more focused on arnis sila eh.

    Ayun ok daw sa MKC, ayan parang gusto rin tuloy pumunta dun

  4. myphe nag-iinvalid lang ang email pag walang @something.com sa dulo hehehehe yun ang pagkakaalam ko. musta naman ang undas mo? buti ka pa nakapag probinsya. ako hindi pwede kasi kawawa naman anak ko i-byahe ko na lang parati pero masaya naman undas ko hehehehe

  5. Hi joiz. samurai swords, authentic ones are expensive. Some ones that would cost under 1,000 dollars would be from Dynasty Forge and Hanwei. Thaitsuki Nihonto’s hand made sword also. Try their online sites if you’re really interested in buying katana.

  6. hansui thank you for that information aswell! I checked out the thaitsuki nihonto website and the swords of the east and found cheap and hot katanas! I’m in love! I’m saving for a kumori! oh gosh! it’s so beautiful! thank you!

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