Guess Who’s Sleeping with Me Tonight?

Ok who is not the right word, what is more like it. But wasn’t that title fun? LOL

and what is sleeping with me tonight? What else! The one thing I love as much as my boyfriend, my computer.

Not just a small laptop. By computer, I meant my desktop is on my bed.

That’s the monitor (on screen, installing Yahoo! messenger), keyboard and external drives (mouse too but not visible in photo) on top of the bed, and the cpu (far left) just by the foot of the bed.

Where is my daughter? She’s sleeping with my mom, I have a high fever, the colds and the coughs and I don’t want her to catch my sickness. I know I should be taking care of myself but can I help it if I’m really burdened by a lot of thoughts. Anyways…

I obviously got my pc fixed without having to send it to a technician. My brother just moved it out of its original place in the living room and moved it here. The formatting worked, XP got installed, everything is looking good again. I just have to be careful not to abuse it again.

I probably should also watch myself more so I don’t catch any ailments again.

Latest Status
health – dying, TB na tooooo hehe
money – uh the number you dialed is under repair
love – I’m an emotional wreck
family – uhm rocky
friends – uhm social life: dead
work – need to catch up lots of catching up I apologize to clients and customers, etc.
hmm what else is there?

Read this on one of Jake’s comments in his friendster profile and wish to live by it too:

I want to be remembered as the girl who smiles even though her heart is broken and the girl who can brighten up your day even if she couldn’t brighten her own.

Above all, I know I shouldn’t but I still miss him.

Nakatikim ka na ng virgin? Ako oo hahaha [ have you tasted a virgin? I have hahaha ]

Taken just a few days before I had the fever. I don’t regularly drink colas or sodas but is a photo necessary when I do drink one?

5 Replies to “Guess Who’s Sleeping with Me Tonight?”

  1. Wow pare! sarap ng virgin… swabeng swabe… Yan bang ginagawa mo sa computer mo eh ginagawa mo rin sa Boyfriend mo(kuno) baka dahil kaya kayo nagkaproblema eh dahil mas mahal mo ang PC mo kesa sa BF mo…hahaha….peace! :mrgreen:

  2. adik pag andito naman sya(kuno), alam ng bf ko(kuno) kung saan lulugar… ay este ung pc ko pala :mrgreen:

    bat ba panay kuno…

    kung anong ayos ng pc ko ngayon, ganun din ang ayos ng puso ko ngayon. walang sariling pwesto pero at least nasa kama ko. ay tama ba yun……

  3. Ahuhuy, idol talaga kita pagdating sa PC stuff. May mas geek ubo pa pala sa’kin. Nyehehehe.

    Ayush, instant updated ako sa statuses mo. Baka mamaya e magkaroon ka na rin ng Joiz-o-Meter. Gyahaha.

    “I want to be remembered as the girl who smiles even though her heart is broken and the girl who can brighten up your day even if she couldn’t brighten her own.”

    Tila yata naaaaaapaka-familiar ng linyang ‘to. Friendster comment sa’kin ng ex-girlfriend ko. 😀

    Ingat ka lagi diyan, idol. ‘Lam mong andito lang ako. 😉 Thanks.

  4. hahay no plans of putting on a meter. Nakow, mahirap metrohan ang kaweirduhan ko.

    Yep dun nga ata mismo sa testi mo nabasa ko! Ako naman affected kaya inalala ko ung linya. Hahay kasi di dapat nagsasama ang mga broken hearted…

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