Grunge Theme and My Seven Sins

When you’re nursing a migraine, a stiff neck and a runny nose for the last 39 hours, you tend to do weird things. I was playing with my Graphire — drawing the usual, anime and spidey man figures– when I decided to make a new header for my blog. By now, you should already realize that when I say I want to tweak and modify my header, I tend to change everything. This header modification is not an exception. And I present you my latest mistake, teh grunge makeover!!!

Sorta like an early birthday present for myself. It’s not yet completely finished, it’s still in test mode so kindly report your findings if you see any bugs and problems. ^_^ I know I vehemently abhore the color pink before and pink is soooo not me but meeeh (goatse sound effect ba ito joiz?) believe it or not, I kinda like pink now, it makes me look more human (a few friends say I don’t look like a zombie when I wear pink), so yeah pink and I are friends.

I really don’t want to explain because it would just get messy. And with grunge, it is already messy. But as you can see, the header is a collage of things I find interesting or symbolizes my hobbies or just really fancy vectors that I want in there. I couldn’t find a nice sporty vector image so if you could point me to a few, I would want a tennis or badminton image in there. The image is chaotic, yes? :yes: This header closely describes how demented my brain is, ladies and gentlemen. Especially now more than ever.

I’ll add a few more stuff here and there when I have the time.

Anyhoooo, let’s move on over to the second part of the post. Scartytook the time to tag me (I know she has tagged me quite a few times, I’m sorry was a little preoccupied with work and stuff). So to make up for it, I’m spewing out 7 deep dark truths about me. Ok nothing really sinister and dastardly, not exactly sins like my title suggested but facts you probably already know or something that will probably ruin my reputation (if it exists in the first place) in the internet lolz. *shrugs*


1. I despise cockroaches. I think these cretins belong in the same category with spiders and maggots: the category called EWWW. Although I could kill them myself, I have a hard time doing so. Not because of pity, but because I am THAT chicken to get close to them. I have a silly fear over them whether they are alive or dead. Yes I still freak out even if the roach is dead. … Don’t give me that look, they are grotesque! Even kids wearing roach costumes drives me loco. Enough already.

2. I secretly crave a bf who’s territorial and mildly possessive. It’s true I don’t like being held on a leash and that I am irked by guys who are so insecure of themselves that they’re overly jealous (even if you already reassured them time after time). But knowing he’s proud of me, and that he’s protective of this “territory” can be a bit of a turn on. I dunno, I like assertive men. Huney are you reading this? Take down notes mmk? 😛

3. Oh yeah that too. I am dating someone who we have mentioned in this here blog as mr. yumburger, my alien (not the one in facebook), huney, hun, whatever. I really want to make things work out between the two of us, as in really work. I don’t want to fall all over again with another married man or some ass who thinks he’s a good player, so hopefully he’s not like that (maybe I should hire a detective). I am unaware if he visits here and I don’t suppose I should worry, it’s not like I talk about how hot I think he is and how dreamy he looks on his big bike and how he affects me when he… WTF? Stop! Time out! Prrrt! Uhm err… heehee

Whew! Next topic! Where was I? … Oh yeah, number four…

4. I have never shoplifted in my entire life, except the time when I saw a necklace inside the dressing room and I dropped it inside my purse while I tried out a really nice dress. The necklace was worth a few hundred pesos give or take, no biggie for those who are rich, but it was lying there waiting to be brought home for free! Does that count? Ok, maybe it does. Please no call the cops on me. Anyway, I think I lost the necklace somewhere.

5. I dislike shopping. Or at least shopping alone. No matter how much money I might have as long as I’m buying stuff by myself, it gets boring and becomes more of a task than a leisure. There’s also the fact that there’s no one to stop me from overspending. 😆

6. I love shoes! I just bought 4 pairs of shoes (more like 2 stilettos, 1 pair of slip-ons and a pair of wedges) this month and I know I would probably not get to wear all of them but I don’t care! I love footwear…

Some of the footwear I own … last year

7. I am burning out, I can’t think of a decent 7th truth. Hmmmm… I guess I am a self-diagnosed OC. OC na ang lakas magprocastinate. Maybe I’ll get back to this later. Hehehe. Wala na talaga ako maisip. :sweat:

I know I have to tag someone for this meme but for a change, ayaw ko, if you want to answer the meme go on ahead consider yourself tagged. Nakakatamad kasi mag-name ng mga tao.  😛

5 Replies to “Grunge Theme and My Seven Sins”

  1. i despise cockroaches too yecky! yecky! lalo na yung mga lumilipad 👿

    thanks for answering the tag joiz and no worries if it is a little late 😀

    nga pala i like the new look of your theme :love:

  2. But I like roaches! Don’t kill the poor sweet things! Hahahaha! Just kidding.

    I like the new grunge look, though I never really was a fan of grunge. But it does lend a personal touch to your page.

    Oh yeah, I have to admit that I passed that stage of shoplifting. That was ages ago really, well more like ancient.

    Lastly, you can be the “Pink Zombie” I’m sure Rob Zombie would love to marry you. Hehehehe. 😆

  3. Thanks for the compliments. :woohoo: Not really a fan of grunge music but I kinda like the messy design style hehe

    Virus, Rob Zombie? :gross:

    Rozeh, from a designer, it means a lot being complimented, thanks! oh and yeah link changed, forgot about that ^_^

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