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I enjoy pinoy breakfast more than any meal of the day. But you know some people will stop at nothing when trying to name a few of these good meals… Found this in my mail might as well post it cause what the hey, who would care!

Warning: Explicit Content. If you are easily offended, get a fire extinguisher, hold it up in the air and scream “monkey” over and over while running far away from my blog as fast as possible.


1. TAPSILOG – Tapa, Sinangag, Itlog

2. LONGSILOG – Longganisa, Sinangag, Itlog

3. HOTSILOG – Hotdog, Sinangag, Itlog

4. PORKSILOG – Pork, Sinangag, Itlog

5. CHICKSILOG – Chicken, Sinangag Itlog

6. AZUCARERA – Adobong Aso

7. LUGLOG – Lugaw, Itlog

8. PAKAPLOG – Pandesal, Kape, Itlog

9. KALOG – Kanin, Itlog

10. PAKALOG – Pandesal, Kanin, Itlog

11. MAALOG NA BETLOG – Maalat na Itlog, Pakbet, Itlog

12. BAHAW – Bakang Inihaw (akala ninyo kaning lamig ano)

13. KALKAL – Kalderetang Kalabaw

14. HIMAS – Hipon Malasado

15. HIMAS SUSO – Hipon Malasado, Sugpo, Keso

16. HIMAS PEKPEK – Hipon Malasado, Kropek, Pinekpekan

17. PEKPEK MONG MALAKI – Kropek, Pinekpekan, Monggo, Malasado, Laing, Kilawin

18. DILA – Dinuguan, Laing

19. DILAAN MO – Dinuguan, Laing, Dalandan, Molo

20. BOKA BOKA – Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape

21. BOKA BOKA MO PA – Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape, Molong Pancit

22. KANTOT – Kanin, Tortang Talong

23. KANTOT PA – Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit

24. SIGE KANTOT PA – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit

25. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit – Take out

26. SIGE KANTOT PA HA – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit, Halo-halo

27. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO PAPA – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit… Take out with Ketchup

28. PAKANTOT – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong

29. PAPAKANTOT – Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong

30. PAPAKANTOT KA BA – Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kapeng Barako

31. PAKANTOT SA YO – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Saging + Yosi

32. PAKANTOT KA – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kape

33. PAKANTOT KA HABANG MATIGAS PA – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kape, Inihaw na Bangus, Maruya, Tinola, Ginisang Aso, Pancit

34. SUBO – Sugpo, Bopis

35. SUBO MO – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo

36. SUBO MO PA – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Pancit

37. SUBO MO PA MAIGE – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Mais, Pige

38. SUBO MO TITE KO – Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola, Teryaki, Kochinta

39. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS – Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola Teryaki, Kochinta, Bihon, Tawilis

40. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS, HAYOP! – …same as #39, minura mo lang yung waiter kasi ang tagal ng order.

Sorry there isn’t a translation. It’s tiring to translate something you can’t even read continuously without grinning like a moron at best. Has anyone actually experienced seeing all of these in the menu? Or at least the lewdly named ones? Filipino menus can be appetizing but served with sizzling libido? Now that’s flavorful.

I’ve done enough damage today, enjoy your meal people. Bon appétit!

9 Replies to “Flavorful?”

  1. parang nabasa ko yang e-mail na yan ate.. ang title ata nyan eh ung restaurant something? hehehe..

    nakakamiss ung tapsi!! waaaaa…

    Joiz: Oo nga e. Tapos from facts raw talaga sya? Eee I doubt meron talagang ganitong menus somewhere out there… pero ewan. malay. need evidence muna. hehe masarap kumain ng tapsilog…

    1. In a way, they are? But I’m not sure they’re realistically new silogs. I doubt how profitable some of these are, especially the ones with unique ingredients. ^_^”

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