Discount Fairy Tale – Happy Ending Not Included

He was new in town. No, wait. He’s new to the country. He’s a student who had gone to one of his best buddies’ country for the summer. She was a geek who knew one of his best buddies.

He stayed for a month. A couple of days into his vacation, they met. At a local convenient store of all places.

He never thought he’d cross paths with her. She never thought her life would connect with his. At first it was just fleeting flirts, hanging out with friends and eventually went into a full blown relationship.

“He was considerate, she was passionate. He was the mold, she was the clay.”

Of the weeks that they were together, he treated her like a queen, and she worshiped him like a god. They had their own little world, filled with World cup series and fancy dining; posh restaurants and cheap arcade games; watching movies and making fun of everything; hours cooking each others’ favorite meals, & more hours feeding each other.

It was a whirlwind romance. And like any whirlwind, the world they created for themselves just couldn’t last. He would have to leave, and the good bye would be bitter.

And it was indeed bitter. After a few weeks of saying goodbye physically, he had to close the chapter emotionally. He had found someone else to be intimate with. That quickly, she would just have to be a memory from an exotic country that he can look back to, but to which he might never go back.

For a few weeks, she was in a fairy tale. It was a quick and easy one to get. But “the happily ever after” just wasn’t part of the package.

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