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That out of the way, you might be thinking, “you just blogged last Thursday, you’re writing a new one again? Well that’s new.” AND IT IS! πŸ˜€ Can you believe it? I can’t either, but this is good! Am I going to be this frequently writing? I hope so!

I’m trying to reset my habits and my lifestyle, WHILE I’m renovating my place, WHILE I’m also rebuilding this website, and WHILE (this is the last “while”, I promise) I’m doing all the necessary daily tasks I’m required to do (you know: mom duties, work and projects to earn, etc.). it’s gonna be busy (ya think?). HOWEVER, I’m gunning for at least a weekly output here and the same goes for my activity on (although, I’m also hoping I can manage twice a week updates for both sites *crossing fingers* 🀞).

I’m really aiming high here but come on, I can do this. I just need to focus.

Before I rewire my head to focus on all these activities I have lined up for myself, let me just preserve here the current ongoings that I will most likely pick back up little by little while I lessen my work load.

Current games: SIMS4, Pokemon Go, Ingress, Tuber Simulation, Simpsons Tapped Out ( I should really delete most of the game apps on my phone)

Current reads: nothing at the moment, haven’t bought new books for a while now, any suggestions? πŸ˜›

Current shows: Lucifer Season 4, Game of Thrones Season 8 (I’ve seen some of the episodes, also has been spoiled, don’t care, still gonna finish it, don’t @ me), Doctor Who season 11 (same with this, I know a lot of people have formed opinions about it too. Just let me watch it for myself, please?), and the horde of shows waiting for me in the “My List” of my Netflix

Also, this sentiment deserves a comeback (my back can relate):

I just realized that I also need to finish that DIY lightbox I need for product shoots.

See, I have so many things I wanna do and finish. I can probably finish quickly if only I have 2 more sets of eyes and 4 more arms! Since I don’t have those extra appendages, I better get cracking. See ya! xo

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