Can’t Wait for Angels and Demons

As I was looking at the stats of my Flickr, I noticed that the most viewed photo I have on my collections was the photo of my friend’s tattoo on his thigh, the Illuminati diamond.

illuminati diamond

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the two tone thing. But the tattoo looked quite good IMO (still would have been better if it was on the chest! Like the branding in the book! Meep!). The views are coming from the search engines, although I don’t know what keywords are attracting the viewers and I don’t get why. 800+ all time views? WTF?

Which reminded me of where the symbol came from. It’s from one of those novels I’ve enjoyed reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The same author of The Da Vinci Code. And although DVC was an ok novel, I liked Angels and Demons more compared to it.

So I heard they’re making a movie based on Dan Brown’s novel again and I saw the trailer in one of the movies I watched last week. Same leading actor (Robert Langdon will still be played by Tom Hanks), same director (Ron Howard). And guess what, same reaction from the Catholic Church.

A&D production team was banned from the churches that the story was set on, like the Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria and the interiors of Vatican. And based from the linked article, I think it’s too bad that the Vatican officials didn’t bother to read the script and just passed judgement when they read that the story was Dan Brown’s. I hope the Vatican don’t ask for a boycott once again. Coz seriously, it’s fiction! And I think it’s a really good novel, much exciting compared to the Da Vinci Code that if this movie’s done right, it’s gonna be sweet.

Personally, I’m quite excited with this movie scheduled to be released by May next year.

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  1. Pareho po kayo ng Kuya ko, hehe fan ng Angels and Demons

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